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Manisha Dash, Head HR - APAC, Celigo India

Navigating the IT Talent Landscape: Fostering Inclusion, Championing Personalized Career Development and Continuous Learning

Struggling to build diverse, high-performing IT teams? Celigo India’s Head HR, Manisha Dash, shares expert strategies for attracting, retaining, and empowering top talent in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Discover her insights on fostering inclusion, personalized career development, and creating a positive work environment for IT professionals.

Saurabh Deshpande-HR-Vantage Circle

What Gen Z wants from an employer?

With his deep understanding of the evolving workforce dynamics, Saurabh shares valuable insights on Gen Z’s priorities, preferred work environment, and the steps organizations can take to attract and retain this talent pool.

Dr. Ganesh Nikam_MD & CEO-Biojobz

“Building a great talent pool necessitates investing time, effort and resources in online and offline channels, coupled with internal initiatives.” Dr. Ganesh Nikam, Founder-Director at Biojobz

With innovative hiring technologies and techniques such as social recruitment advancing almost every day, talent pool initiatives have been democratized and streamlined. Increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in keyword-based resume prediction and matching has made the job of HR manager easier.

Driving A World-Class Mindset At Edwards Lifesciences

As an industry thought leader, Edwards is bound to thrive faster, learn and evolve quicker and build strong partnerships with leading clinicians globally striving to transform medical practice.


Interview Mark Bernstein CEO, Earthshot

Mark Bernstein is an innovative leader in value-based sustainability, a sustainability executive and management consultant. He influence strategic partnerships and shapes responsible leadership for scalable change through leveraging issues in management, economics, policy and technology. He is currently the CEO of Earthsot.


equALLY: Fascinating stories that need to be told

equALLY is a gesture, a token of gratitude to all allies. The idea is celebrating allyship in all spheres of life right from home, school/college, workplace and society at large. Be it a supportive parent, sibling, colleague at work or the people from every walk of life who have contributed so much to the inclusion of the LGBT+ community, equALLY chronicles these unique stories.

Varun-Arora-CEO -Co-Founder-Ekostay-interview-amazing-workplaces

Managing Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry

One of the biggest challenges in managing human resources in the hospitality industry is that of employee retention. The key for us is in reputation, to build it and then continue to maintain it. A brands reputation makes or breaks businesses in the hospitality industry and for us customer service is the most important aspect for us which our employees front line.

Effectively Managing Human Resources at Abhibus

We spoke to Ms. Divya Reddy Kattam, Vice President of Human Resource, to understand her career journey, her role as an HR at Abhibus as well as the key initiatives the company took for the benefit of employees during the crucial time of the pandemic. Here is an excerpt from our conversation.


How Has The Role of Leaders Evolved During Pandemic?

I’m interfacing with many different teams, helping troubleshoot, ideate on problems, provide information – it’s really exciting, dynamic work. During the pandemic I believe all leaders have had to stay flexible and resilient to maintain successful outcomes for their organizations.

Vineet Arya-Founder-COHIRE-website-featured-image-amazing-workplaces

The Rising Demand of C-suite in Gig Economy

The cost of hiring a proven C-level executive inside any company is definitely not easy as it may be a pain staking experience & expensive too. COHIRE makes this possible by enabling companies to hire C-level executives on a shared basis or flexi basis at an affordable price with the same work engagement experience of in-house senior team member


Positive virtual office culture in the times of COVID

Amy uniquely “challenges the status quo” to accelerate growth and profit while driving accountability through inspirational and values-based leadership. where she has led the brand and marketing efforts


People, Culture & Innovation at MOON Ultra Light

Innovation is everything at MOON Ultra. Being at the forefront of the latest trends is imperative to our success. We make sure we’re using innovative technologies and interlaced strategies in the hopes we make a continuous impact on the market through our product.


Changing role of Leadership in the times of COVID

Smart leaders are quick to work on the attributes in an organization that enhance trust and much of their time should be spent on building a culture that strengthens these attributes.


Preparing for remote working post COVID-19

Where before remote working was seen as an unfavourable, temporary solution, the spate of lockdowns we’ve seen have pushed it to the forefront. Interview with Zoeb Rajkotwalla, Chief Sales Officer at Cognatic Solutions.

Lemon Tree Hotels

Building an Inclusive Workplace, The Lemon Tree Hotel Way!

Committed to Employees, Environment and Community with a socially inclusive work ethos, Lemon Tree Hotels believes that the brand should stand for more than ‘just profit’. The company has focused its efforts on creating a socially inclusive work environment which seeks to bring in people of different backgrounds, abilities and ethnicities and offer them work as a unified team with a common goal.


Fall in love with your job at Zomato

What if loving one’s job was the norm? For employees at Zomato, that is becoming a reality. In February 2019, Zomato took one of the

co working space, amazing workplaces, startup

The Circle.Work: A Circle of Success for Startups

The Circle.Work is more than just a standalone co-work space. It was conceptualised out of the need for a collaborative environment for Hunch Venture’s portfolio businesses.

employee empowered, employee engagement, interview Unmesh Pawar-KPMG

Empowering employees at KPMG

  Ekta Capoor, editor in chief, Amazing workplace’s interview with Unmesh Pawar, Partner and Head, People, Performance and Culture at KPMG in India KPMG (Klynveld Peat


Why Choose WeWork Co-Working Spaces

WeWork provides innovative workplace solutions for any type of member organisation, regardless of company size, maturity, or space needs. At WeWork, the spaces are designed keeping the community at their core.

Effect of Learning and Development on employee growth at Biocon

Biocon BFI has augmented its growth in the last few years and have been projected as an organization of repute. They believe competency can be developed through knowledge enhancement of the employees where L&D plays a significant role.

amit das chro benett and coleman

Driving Employee Engagement In The Media Industry

Engagement drives behavior and it’s a proven fact, the more empowered employees feel, the more engaged they tend to be, not just in their jobs, but executing and ensuring quality output.

Culture is the backbone of a happy workforce at FIS

Company culture is vital to any organization. It influences almost every aspect of a company. From employing top talent to refining employee satisfaction, it is the backbone of a happy workforce.


Women Empowerment at Bongchie

Bongchie currently has a strength of 750 women employees, which is to be expected to turn 2000 till the mid of this year. The women employee strength has participated in every segment of the company and made it into a successful business.

Why Employees Thrive at MetLife

Employees play a very important role in deciding the culture of the workplace. They represent the company and it is the employer who works on his employees to train them to become their best version of themselves.

Interview, amazing workplaces

Mantra for Amazing Workplaces

Role clarity, positive work culture, workspace wellness programs, nurturing talent and ensuring benefits for those who perform well are just some of the ways to ensure employee satisfaction and long-term retention.

Interview, amazing workplaces-Amit-Malik-Chief-operations-and-peoples-officer

Employees drive the culture & experience

Employees play a key role in bringing along a wealth of experience and knowledge. You need to provide them an environment to share their learning and experience by providing an external perspective about the best practices implemented in other organizations.

Interview, amazing workplaces-Amit-Malik-Chief-operations-and-peoples-officer

Employee Engagement is an outcome of what we do

We always believe that employee engagement is an not an activity but an outcome, the sum total of whatever we undertake to do. Thus, to engage the workforce, you have to improve engagement in every sphere of what you do and what you are

Rohit Thakral, CEO, Target Integration, Amazing Workplaces

Using Technology to Create Amazing-Workplaces

When clients choose Target Integration, they get more than just a single product or a rightly integrated suite. They are assured commitment to constant refinement and to improve their experience. BROTHERS employees people culture blue collared ekta capoor interview

Achieving near zero attrition rate at

“Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” We firmly believe in this philosophy and therefore make significant efforts to invest in our employees.


Employees are People, Not Resources

An organization that cares for their people’s well-being will always support them with possible monetary help, work-flexibility, agreed time-off or atleast a listening ear to their people.

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