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We look for skills, values, and a can-do and learning attitude in employees : Sagar Patidar, CEO, Primathon

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The HR Trends predicted for 2022 focus on wellness and organizations’ ability to retain talent through their culture, flexibility and wellness initiatives. Moreover The Great Resignation  has put HR team and hiring industry in a tight spot with respect to a fight to retain good talent especially in the IT industry.

To further probe into the above, we recently had an email interaction with Sagar Patidar, CEO, Primathon Technologies, a Gurgaon-based IT company that hits the mark to create scalable software services and strives to build a brand by providing high-quality services. The purpose of the interaction was to understand the situation of jobs in the IT industry, and ways to hire and retain talent in an extremely competitive market.


Current job scenario in your industry?

The year 2022 is off to a strong start, with hiring sentiment growing across various industries finally the businesses are trying to fill up their 2 years growth gap. In the year-on-year (Y-O-Y) growth charts, metro cities outperformed their tier-II counterparts due to an increase in hiring in IT software. There is no better time to get an IT job than now. Jobs in the IT sector are at an all-time high, with the hiring of skilled professionals increasing by 52% compared to pre-Covid levels. There has been a 163% Y-O-Y growth in hiring in June 2021. By 2030, it is estimated that 45 million people worldwide will be working as software engineers. We are witnessing a hike in demand for AI engineers, Product Managers, Full-Stack Developers, Cloud Architects, Blockchain Engineers, Big Data Engineers, and many other tech experts across various tech-driven segments. There has also been a steep increase wherein the no computer background fresher graduates are entering the software industry post-taking the training. Keeping this in mind we have started out as an academy that is helping students of non-computer backgrounds learn the essential skills and build their careers in the software industry.

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Your take on how MNCs are firing without proper notice?

From my point of view, this is very unprofessional when we look at the professional front, personally speaking, it is very unethical and disappointing for employees. I do understand that sometimes organizations might need to cut loose their employees due to cost-cutting and lack of resources which further leads to layoffs so that the company sustains. However, the ideal approach for this is to demonstrate empathy, provide proper notices or compensation to allow them to find another job, and, at the very least, assist them in doing so. Furthermore, management should pursue growth by properly allocating finances.


How many people have you hired recently and how many more do you plan to hire?

We currently have a workforce of 45+ employees across various sections like UI/UX Design, Software Engineers, SDE Fresher, jQuery Developers, Senior Frontend Developers, Android/Flutter Developers, Graphic Designer Interns, and a variety of other positions. Out of which a few of them were very recently hired. We plan to hire 75+ employees in the next financial growth for our further growth.


Did you target any particular institution to hire?

As per my experience, an institution does not hold much relevance if we get hold of the right candidate. We don’t believe in limiting talent to specific organizations or colleges, so we’re hiring people regardless of their college or previous jobs. We do not hire an employee basis his college, we decide the basis on his knowledge and skills. We look for skills, values, and a can-do and learning attitude in students. However, at the same time, we do not want to compromise on the quality of the talent either. The hiring process is an important one.

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How did the fresh talents you hired stand out to you?

We look for people that can perform the job and provide the company with great results. They should be able to blend in seamlessly, respect the company’s culture, and contribute significantly to the team’s success. Having a broad set of talents and experience is also advantageous.

While hiring, we noticed that fresh talent is great! This generation is very unique. They are technologically very forward and have the willingness to learn, but they lack a skill set. They are extremely enthusiastic about learning, growth, and new initiatives, and they are very open to new and advanced technologies.

We believe that skills can be trained and honed, but character, or attitude, is very hard to teach. So we keep that in mind while hiring.


How do you retain your existing talent with a trend that shows high turnover in the IT industry?

Changing companies is a very common practice across every sector but is most prevalent in the Software industry. Professionals do this mostly for advancement in terms of skills and pay scales. Software engineers must regularly refresh their skills, &  learning new technologies is the most effective way to do so. We follow a continuous learning program to ensure that our developers continue to learn every single day. Moreover, we maintain a very healthy, friendly, and cooperative culture at Primathon to help each other grow. We focus on our culture and our people a lot. Moreover, we are working on new business models to turn our ambitious employees into entrepreneurs and thus help them make a fortune.

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