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Amazing Workplaces®
Certified Organizations!

The following organizations have been certified as Amazing Workplaces ® in the India by Amazing Workplaces ® through a 9 Pillar Framework process

*The results of the survey are based on the feedback collected directly from the employees of the organization.

Small Organization

(10-49 Employees)

Mid-Size Organization - I

(50-149 Employees)

Mid-Size Organization - II

(150-249 Employees)

Large-Size Organization - I

(250-999 Employees)

Large-Size Organization - II

(1000 & More Employees)

Small Organizations

Organizations having 10 – 49 Employees that have met the criteria of being an Amazing Workplaces® Certified Organization
Organization NameIndustryNo of EmployeesCertification Period
PingPong Global PaymentsFinancial Services11June 2024-June 2025
JOP INC Pvt Ltd.Information Technology15June 2024-June 2025
InnoRenoVate Solutions Private LimitedHuman Resources17June 2024-June 2025
Elite MarquePublic Relations17June 2024-June 2025
Brainsys Technologies Pvt Ltd ( Boxigo)Information Technology27June 2024-June 2025
Adomantra Digital India Pvt LtdMarketing & Advertising48May 2024-May 2025
Adgcraft CommunicationsPublic Relations14May 2024-May 2025
TECHHUB Engineering & AdvisoryInfrastructure Construction35April 2024-April 2025
SNS College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesHigher Education32April 2024-April 2025
Recex Pvt LtdManpower Provider12March 2024-March 2025
IIIOT InfotechInformation Technology24Feb 2024-Feb 2025
Profession Makers Recruitment ConsultantsEducation10Feb 2024-Feb 2025
SNS College of Allied Health SciencesEducation20Feb 2024-Feb 2025
Verisys Global Pvt LtdInformation technology48Feb 2024-Feb 2025
Orien SolutionsIT Consulting15Jan 2024-Dec 2024
Aieze Vertex Pvt. Ltd.Information Technology40Jan 2024-Dec 2024
NovoTree Minds Consulting CoHR Consulting24Jan 2024-Dec 2024
Accunity HR Services Pvt LtdHR Services20Nov 2023- Oct 2024
Chara Technologies Pvt Ltd.Automotive48Oct 2023- Sep 2024
Regional Public Relations Pvt LtdPublic Relations17Oct 2023- Sep 2024
PRtainment Media & Communications PLCommunication PR & Media13Oct 2023- Sep 2024
SNS AcademyHigher Education42June 2023-May 2024
WorkOnGridSoftware as a Services (Saas)37June 2023-May 2024
Primex Media Services Pvt LtdMedia Publishing21June 2023-May 2024
Adomantra Digital India Pvt LtdDigital Marketing & Advertising36June 2023-May 2024
PingPong PaymentsFinTech20June 2023-May 2024
Do Bosco CollegeHigher Education17June 2023-May 2024
Innorenovate Solutions Pvt LtdHR Consultancy22June 2023-May 2024
BaffleSol Technologies Pvt LtdInformation Technology41June 2023-May 2024
Elite Marque Public RelationsMedia & PR10June 2023-May 2024
Envision Technology SolutionsStaffing35June 2023-May 2024

Mid-Size Organizations - I

Organizations having 50 – 149 Employees that have met the criteria of being an Amazing Workplaces® Certified Organization

Organization NameIndustryNo of EmployeesCertification Period
Aigilx Health Technologies Private LimitedComputer Software/Engineering53June 2024-June 2025
Oriano Clean EnergySolar Energy140June 2024-June 2025
Leads Connect Services Pvt. Ltd.Agri-Tech120June 2024-June 2025
Keller Ground Engineering India Private LimitedGeotechnical specialist in construction141June 2024-June 2025
SimCorpFintech140June 2024-June 2025
Alpha Resource Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Recruitment Process Outsourcing69June 2024-June 2025
BaffleSol TechnologiesInformation Technology51June 2024-June 2025
Bio-Med HealthCare Products Pvt. Ltd.Manufacturing Medical Equipment144June 2024-June 2025
Chetana's Institute of Management & ResearchEducation78May 2024-May 2025
Minda Corporation Limited - Interior Plastic DivisionManufacturing Automobile Accessories68May 2024-May 2025
NIRA SystemsInformation Technology61May 2024-May 2025
Venture SoftTech India Pvt LtdInformation Technology88May 2024-May 2025
Aarkay AssociateManufacturing77May 2024-May 2025
VerboLabs Languages (OPC) Private LimitedLocalization and content65May 2024-May 2025
HOLISOLLogistics & Warehouse137May 2024-May 2025
Bet Medical Private LimitedPremium Medical Equipment Sales & Service66May 2024-May 2025
Wowjobs Pvt Ltd.Recruitment Consulting - Domestic and Overseas51April 2024-April 2025
Vaalve Bathware India LimitedManufacturing58Jan 2024-Dec 2024
FITPASSWellness and Fitness50Jan 2024-Dec 2024
Eniac Systems IncIT Consultancy52Oct 2023-Sep 2024
Avighna GroupReal Estate Mortgage81Oct 2023-Sep 2024
RSGP Consulting Pvt. Ltd.IT Enabled Service66Sep 2023-Aug 2024
Growup Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Human Resources62Sep 2023-Aug 2024
Offineeds.ComCorporate Gifting117June 2023-May 2024
Aigilx Health Technologies Pvt LtdHealthcare IT55June 2023-May 2024
Orion IndiaConfectionery Manufacturing100June 2023-May 2024
PR ProfessionalsMedia & PR61June 2023-May 2024
Minda Corporation LtdAutomotive Components70June 2023-May 2024
Kidvento Education and Research Pvt Ltd.Education Technology134June 2023-May 2024
SlideTech SystemsInformation Technology145June 2023-May 2024
Complere Infosystem Pvt. Ltd.Information Technology58June 2023-May 2024
The Other Circle PR Marketing Pvt. Ltd.Media & PR50June 2023-May 2024
RK Pharma Group of CompaniesPharmaceutical Manufacturing143June 2023-May 2024

Mid-Size Organizations - II

Organizations having 150 – 249 Employees that have met the criteria of being an Amazing Workplaces® Certified Organization

Organization NameIndustryNo of EmployeesCertification Period
Husk Power SystemsRenewable Energy177June 2024-June 2025
DriveUDrivers & car-wash Services153June 2024-June 2025
Zota Healthcare Ltd.Pharmaceuticals Retail238June 2024-June 2025
Kidvento Education and Research Pvt Ltd.Education185June 2024-June 2025
BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Information Technology164May 2024-May 2025
Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts and ScienceEducation167May 2024-May 2025
Vinsinfo Private LimitedIT Services198March 2024-March 2025
Sainath HospitalHealthcare Hospital198Jan 2024-Dec 2024
University Accommodation Pvt. Ltd.Global Student Housing Market249Nov 2023-Oct 2024
Sharp Business SystemsOffice Automation & Consumer Electronics208Oct 2023- Sep 2024
Consistent Infosystems Pvt LtdComputer Hardware200June 2023-May 2024
SNS College of EngineeringHigher Education180June 2023-May 2024
Dr. SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts and ScienceHigher Education237June 2023-May 2024
ARK GroupReal Estate221June 2023-May 2024
BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Information Technology151June 2023-May 2024
ProcMartEcommerce190June 2023-May 2024
Victora Auto Pvt ltdManufacturing192June 2023-May 2024
NTPC North KaranpuraHeavy Industries200June 2023-May 2024

Large-Size Organization - I

Organizations having 250 – 999 Employees that have met the criteria of being an Amazing Workplaces® Certified Organization

Organization NameIndustryNo of EmployeesCertification Period
WTi MobilityMobility679June 2024-June 2025
Ascent Consulting Services Private LimitedHR Services661June 2024-June 2025
Apicore Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing346June 2024-June 2025
Instant Procurement Services Private LimitedB2B E Commerce328June 2024-June 2025
Avaada Energy Private limitedSolar Energy646June 2024-June 2025
Victora Automotive Private Limited, HaridwarAutomobile Parts Manufacturing400April2024-April2025
XYXX Apparels Pvt LtdFashion Apparel375Feb 2024 - Feb 2025
ACL - Rinox GroupImport Export275Oct 2023- Sep 2024
Ascent Consulting Services Private LimitedHR Services600June 2023-May 2024
Bio Med Healthcare Products Pvt LtdManufacturing600June 2023-May 2024
SNS College of TechnologyHigher Education292June 2023-May 2024
Leadsconnect Services Pvt LtdAgri-Tech300June 2023-May 2024
JSTS (A Big-Ben Group)Manufacturing273June 2023-May 2024
Holisol logisticsLogistics Provider391June 2023-May 2024
Zota Healthcare Ltd (Davaindia)Healthcare Retail506June 2023-May 2024
PIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Information Technoogy719June 2023-May 2024
Pivotroots Digital Pvt LtdBusiness Services271June 2023-May 2024
CriticalRiverTechnology Consulting500June 2023-May 2024

Large-Size Organization - II

Organizations having 1000 and more Employees that have met the criteria of being an Amazing Workplaces® Certified Organization

Organization NameIndustryNo of EmployeesCertification Period
Apollo Health and Lifestyle LimitedHospital Health Care5170Oct 2023-Sept 2024
NM Ingenious Management Services Pvt LtdHR & Staffing1200June 2023-May 2024
iQor India Services Private LimitedBusiness Services1313June 2023-May 2024
ISS WorldFacility Management Services47000June 2023-May 2024

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