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The Best Practices of Organizations

Welcome to Amazing Workplaces®

Amazing Workplaces® is an integrated HR platform for employer branding. We help in analyzing, enriching and promoting the best practices of organizations around the 9 pillar framework that forms the core of any workplace.

These pillars are Hiring & Retention, Culture, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition, Internal Communication, Diversity Inclusion & Equity, Learning & Development and CSR.


Every organization needs to build a strong foundation by strengthening their best practices pertaining to all the pillars to be able to create a strong and compelling Employer Brand.


Amazing Workplaces® helps conduct employee surveys and assessments, initiate learning workshops and publish human resources content to help improve an organization’s Employer Brand.


Our Vision

Our vision is to help create the most Amazing Workplaces® across the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a cohort of Amazing Workplaces® of all levels across the globe and

help them enhance, enrich and promote their Employer Brand to a global audience.

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