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We Evaluate, Enrich & Endorse

The Best Practices of Organizations

Welcome to Amazing Workplaces®

Amazing Workplaces® is an integrated HR platform for employer branding. We help in evaluating, enriching and endorsing the best practices of organizations around the 9 pillar framework that forms the core of any workplace.

These pillars are Hiring & Retention, Culture, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition, Internal Communication, Diversity Inclusion & Equity, Learning & Development and CSR.


Every organization needs to build a strong foundation by strengthening their best practices pertaining to all the pillars to be able to create a strong and compelling Employer Brand.


Amazing Workplaces® helps conduct employee surveys and assessments, provides consultation on the 9 pillars and amplifies your best practices to improve your Employer Brand.


Our Vision

Our vision is to help create the most Amazing Workplaces® across the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a cohort of Amazing Workplaces® of all levels across the globe and

help them enhance, enrich and promote their Employer Brand to a global audience.

Transform Your Organization into
Amazing Workplaces

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