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5 Tips for HR To Throw An Amazing Party for The Employees

Throwing a party as an HR professional is about keeping a good balance between maintaining your company’s integrity and ensuring that employees get a chance to relax. Therefore, to ensure everyone has a great time being around each other, there are specific tips you can follow.

recruitment hiring trends

Top 9 Trends in New Age Tech Recruitment

From interest in neurodiverse talents to preference for online portfolios over resumes, there are several new-age recruiting trends that tech companies are adopting to attract and hire new talent for their organizations.


Tips to Hire Resources for Faith-Based Firms

Given the large presence of faith-based firms in the American economy, it is not surprising that many business owners who identify as religious would want to hire resources from within their faith communities. However, hiring from within the faith community can pose some challenges.

hybrid working model

How To Make Employees Feel Comfortable Juggling A Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid working is a great way to ensure your employees retain the freedom and comfort of working at home while offering the structure and collaboration of in-office work. But, some employees feel uncertain about how to manage a hybrid workspace and how to access in-office resources when mainly working remotely

Emotional Intelligence

7 Ways In Which Employees Can Improve Their Emotional Intelligence

Improving emotional intelligence is vital to promoting engagement and productivity. People with high emotional intelligence understand feelings and know how to control them. They can also perceive and understand other people’s emotions, and possess good problem-solving skills.

Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management

6 Ways Businesses are Using AI in Human Resource Management

It seems the business world is finally catching up with the times, and HR technology is coming out at a rapid pace to keep up. Hiring technologies are revolutionizing the hiring process and making it a better process for all involved.

Leadership Behaviours

15+ Leadership Behaviours You Need to Master to be an Excellent Leader

Being a leader is not easy and requires a lot of time, energy, and effort. There are many different leadership behaviors you need to master to be an excellent leader. These 15+ leadership behaviors will help take your leadership skills to the next level.

remote work

Best HR Practices for Remote-First Organizations

Remote-first is more than a work arrangement that enables people to work from home but outlines an organizational strategy that prioritizes remote work and sees it as a requirement rather than a benefit.

9 Reasons Why Good Talent Stays

9 Reasons Why Good Talent Stays in the Organization

One of the top reasons why top talent stays at an organization is that these employees feel like they are significantly contributing to the company. Employees feel more confident when they see their efforts lead to success, and they will likely want to stay in this situation.


Valuing and Including Diverse Perspectives at the Workplace

For any organisation, it is vital to extend its DEI approach to encompass employees, customers and partners so that each group feels valued and supported. Diversity in the workforce enables organizations to draw on greater insights and better serve the stakeholders from a broader knowledge base.

Best Practices

Grit, Gumption and Growth: Mitsogo’s Success Formula

Mitsogo attributes its success to its dedicated employees, and seizes every opportunity to strengthen the bond employees share within themselves. Being good in what you do makes you an expert, and Mitsogo ensures that every employee has the opportunity to grow and evolve into a better version of themselves.

The big book of HR - Amazing Workplaces
Book Review

The Big Book of HR -10th Anniversary Edition

The authors of this comprehensive book, Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem provide the readers with a wealth of information, stories, resources and discussion questions to guide you though the wonderful world of human resources.

HR Team-amazing-workplaces

How to Use Your HR Team Effectively in 2022

The right human resources staff can help you get your business together and also assist you to create a lucrative brand. Here are some ways to help you create a solid HR squad and use your them effectively in 2022.

hiring and retention-amazing-workplaces

10 Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring a New Employee

Hiring employees for your organization requires both time and money. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your new hires fit in with the synergy of your staff, always keep these ten things in mind when hiring a new employee.

Book Review

10 Steps to the Boardroom by G. S. Rattan – Climb Your Way to Success

‘10 steps to the boardroom’ takes you through the crucial ten steps you need to climb as you progress in your career to reach the top. Each chapter deals with one specific quality that a CEO is required to have and is accompanied with a worksheet next to it that will help you chart your growth.


From Self To Organizations, Are We Ready To #BreakTheBias?

This year’s #IWD theme calls for #BreakTheBias. It calls us to Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality.

Gender Equality For A Sustainable Tomorrow-amazing-workplaces

Gender Equality, A Stepping Stone To Sustainable Tomorrow

In the workplace, women experience sexism, and in the home, they face sexism. Women working two shifts are not only a phenomenon in emerging countries; it is also a well-established truth in the developed world.

Gender Inclusiveness At the Workplace-Amazing-Workplaces

How To Improve Gender Inclusiveness At The Workplace

While much gets written, spoken and discussed on this subject statistics have time and again proved that diversity and gender inclusiveness is still a topic that is widely speculated but where a lot of action still needs to be taken globally.

Industry News

Savills India Is Now Great Place to Work-Certified™

The certification recognizes Savills India’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive culture through initiatives like formulating a diversity & inclusion policy and launching a dedicated committee under the same.

Gender Bias in the workplace-amazing-workplaces

How Gender Discrimination Affects Women in the Workplace

Gender discrimination in the workplace has been one of the dreaded hurdles to success. While most women give in to the situation, others fight back to bring reforms. Sadly, the reforms still lack essence and structure. As a result of which, victims, especially women, continue to suffer.

I celebrate me-womens day online workshop-amazing-workplaces

“I Celebrate Me”, A Self Discovery Workshop For Women

This workshop is ideal for corporates who want to help their women employees reconnect with themselves. This is a great workshop for employee engagement in the women diversity category for organizations to show that they truly care about the well being of their women employees.

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement-amazing-workplaces

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement turned out to be the only magic elixir that is both possible and, to some extent, quite cost-effective. Following employee engagement best practices isn’t as easy as slicing butter with a hot knife.

Marketing Without Money-book-review-amazing-workplaces
Book Review

Do You Wish To Do “Marketing Without Money”?

Marketing without Money is for all types of firms and has a greater focus on digital. The book explains the tried-and-tested tools and techniques that have successfully worked.

Best Practices

Google: An Impeccable Blend Of Leadership, Management, And Culture!

As a firm, Google is dedicated to inventing products that enhance the quality of people’s lives while also offering new opportunities for its employees. So, it seems quite natural that Google’s workplace has a distinctive and forward-thinking atmosphere.

HR Trends 2022 Amazing Workplaces

Top HR Trends in 2022 predicted by Industry Leaders!!

The year will be another year of challenges for human capital. As we step into another year filled with uncertainty, here are some key insights shared by industry leaders on few of the HR trends we are likely to come across in 2022!

10 Pines-Software Company Best Practices-Amazing Workplaces
Best Practices

Following The “No Bosses” Rule At 10Pines!

The culture of 10Pines is based on growth and diversity, where they prioritize the happiness of the employees and therefore have a turnover of less than 5%. For comparison, the average turnover in this industry is about 25-30%.

Book Review

“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell: Success Stories From The Rich & Famous!

Outliers is a book about people who achieve extraordinary results by doing things out of the norm. Malcolm Gladwell explores the factors that differentiate the greatest from the others. However, he contends that our approach to the concept of success is fundamentally flawed.

group photo sports day-vantage-circle-best-practices-amazing-workplaces
Best Practices

We Empower People To Do Their Best Work : Vantage Circle

We are consistently committed to ensuring that our company is a place where people are valued, where everyone feels empowered to do their best work, where they can say they played a key role in our success, and, last but not least, they are treated with respect and trust.

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI-amazing-workplaces

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI

Employee engagement power packs individual performance in an organization, but do companies with more engaged employees’ race ahead of those with a less-engaged workforce?

Best Practices

HUBSPOT – Adopting The New-Age Work Culture For Your Business!

HubSpot has built a culture- a shared set of beliefs, values, and passions- that works better than any incentive. When people working at the same place start acknowledging the similarities and differences between them, it increases their understanding.

Interview, Christian Vetter, HR Forecast, Amazing Workplaces
Video Interviews

Spotlight Interview : Christian Vetter, Co-founder, HR Forecast

Christian believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it (or use Big Data)” He focuses on data-driven decision-making processes, disruptive HR technologies and next generation workforce management.

Best Practices

SAP Culture – Bringing Work, Life & Play All Under One Roof!

SAP focuses on the success of individuality rather than setting up one main goal that is the same for all. The company acknowledges the individual differences of all their employees and how each holds a different meaning of success.

Surveys & Reports

Healthy Workplaces for Healthier People

GBCI India and Saint Gobain Research India conducted a joint research study to assess the indoor environment in Indian workspaces and the impact it has on the occupants.

Nikhil Madan, Co-Founder The Office Pass

Flexi office spaces have taken over the traditional concepts of working

With new variants of the virus still posing a threat to the possibility of offices opening up a new trend at work has seemingly emerged. This is primarily the trend of working from  neighbourhood co-working spaces that offer the choice of a flexi office space.

Lemon-Tree-Hotels-best practices-in-diversity and inclusion-hiring
Best Practices

Lemon Tree Hotel Setting A Unique Example In Diversity Hiring

Lemon Tree Hotels has focused its efforts on creating a socially inclusive work environment, which seeks to bring in people of different backgrounds, abilities and ethnicities, and offer them work as a unified team with a common goal.

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