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“I am a collaborative and nurturing leader”, Ricardo Brennand-Campos, commercial Director of Photography

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The Amazing Workplaces team interacted with Ricardo vs. Ricky Brennand-Campos, commercial Director of Photography currently based in Los Angeles. Ricardo speaks about his experience during Covid, his leadership style and his biggest lessons at work.

Tell us about yourself?


I am a Director of Photography in Los Angeles CA. I work closely with a film director in order to manifest their ideas and stories into an image while designing a visual language for the project.


What is your style as a leader?

I believe that I am a collaborative and nurturing leader. I love to hear ideas from all different positions on a film set and like to make sure that credit is given where credit is due. It’s important to me that everyone on a job feels heard and supported.



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Tell us about your covid experience?

Working in the film industry during COVID was very daunting at first. At first it really felt like things took much longer to accomplish and that in turn jobs cost more. I believe that the film industry is so resilient and adapts very quickly to what’s going on around them. After a couple of months, guidelines were put in place, and the industry really came together all in the name of keeping the work going in the safest manner possible.


What’s your biggest key lesson learned?


The biggest lesson that I’ve learnt so far might sound trivial but to me it’s become so important. Speak less, and listen more, hear what your coworkers and collaborators are trying to achieve, and figure out the way you can best support that and accelerate the process.

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The tips I would share with any entrepreneur starting out are the following:

Don’t be discouraged by failure, just make sure you learn from it.
Follow the work of others who are doing what you want to eventually do in the long run.

Try to be as prepared as possible for when the time comes where you are given the opportunity that you’ve always dreamed of. Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness.


What are some trends you see in the photo space?

I’m no trend forecaster, but I see VFX through the means of shooting blue screen, or XR screens, for the sake of creating worlds that we can’t create practically, as something that’s here to stay. We all have been craving an escape from the current landscape of things, and being able to create these environments in 3d is huge right now.


About:  (Link:

Ricardo Brennand-Campos is a Brazilian commercial Director of Photography currently based in Los Angeles. An active member of the Brazilian Society of Cinematographers, his work focuses on hyper tailored lighting with purposeful and effective camera movement. His love for collaboration and a strong sense of team work is evident during pre production. He believes that the collective efforts of all people on a film set that turns a good project into a stunning one. Ricardo is represented by Ajay Ghosh at Zero Gravity Management.

Ricardo was born in Recife, Brazil in 1994 and moved to the United States in June of 2000. He spent most of his time as a kid playing music with his friends, and started learning about photography at the age of 8 years old when he found an old 35mm camera lying around his house. This hobby would soon peak his interest in moving image and film making. After graduating high school in Coral Gables FL, he moved to NYC where he began his journey at Parsons School of Design, eventually leaving the school and moving to Los Angeles in 2015.

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After a couple of years working as a Gaffer, Ricardo eventually went onto work behind the camera after obtaining representation through Partos Co. under the management of prestigious agent, Ajay Ghosh. He is currently represented through Zero Gravity Management. Now a resident of Silver Lake, Ricardo enjoys his time working in the commercial film industry as a Director of Photography, connecting with friends in nature, and enjoying time at home watching movies with his Husky named Sasha.


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