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Bongchie has managed to supply its products over the metro cities and successfully initiated the exports to United States and Canada in 2018. The company has unveiled its secret to Amazing Workplaces on how prosperously the organization has been led and formed it into a rapid developing business and made the work into an example of women empowerment.

Bongchie manufacturers has a complete strength of women employees working, be it from manufacturing, exports till trading. The women employee strength has participated in every segment of the company and made it into a successful business. Bongchie gives out the credit on company’s success to its employees for their hard work adherence. Bongchie currently has a strength of 750 women employees, which is to be expected to turn 2000 till the mid of this year.


Why women employees?

At Bongchie, the work procedure proceeds manually, employees make the rolling papers right from scratch in the factory. Bongchie’s employees has proved that women are the most hard-working being. The organization believes that women are more efficient and hard-working than men. He states, women are organized, they already understand the meaning of hard-work, they do not require to be trained to teach them something they already have the knowledge about.

“It’s in their nature, being organised and hard-working skills.” – Shankar Goel, President of Bongchie.

At Bongchie, women employees handle the other departments as well and in the same efficient way. From supervisors to Graphic Designers, Accountant, HR and several others.


Women Advancement

Gaining a maximum count of women employees was not in the initial plan. They hired men before, nevertheless according to the comparison results women had shown more productivity than men. Women were more efficient in reporting any problem, whereas men let the problem be and don’t bother reporting. Furthermore, they returned loyal feedbacks as well as kept the stability in work.

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After a point of time along with male employees, created communication barriers. However, in compared to that, women employees did not hesitate to talk it out and solve the problem. Everyone is familiar with the universal fact that women connect better than men and are problem solvers, the latter improved the productivity of Bongchie manufacturers and boosted their potential.

Employee Engagement at Bongchie

Being an employer and receiving amazing results in the organization, there comes the duty of returning the hard-work back to the employees. He understands the subject of employee retention and is therefore planning out a huge deal of employee engagement activities and benefits.

Extra- activities

Bongchie is soon opening Yoga classes and Zumba classes for their employees, two hours every Saturday to provide the employees fun experience at work. Fitness activities are being arranged especially keeping the women employees in mind. The goal is to engage them into healthy activities and keep their health as a prime factor.

Further providing them with free food on Sundays, if they chose to work and not take the weekend off.

Flexible timings

At Bongchie, the work timings are from 10 to 6. However, Shankar Goel states that the company is flexible enough to ignore the late comings. It is fine if the employees are one or two hours late. The fact that, women handle many duties and chores other than work is understandable by the organisation and therefore leaving more room for professional perception.

Safety measures

Keeping in mind that he has the maximum strength of women employees, At Bongchie, employees have the provision of calling the superior directly if there seem to be any issues or issue regarding security.

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Prize and performance

Top five performers in the company receive prizes. Rewards and prizes has made the employees more productive as it gives them a goal to achieve and also plays a big hand in making them goal oriented.

Performance and prizes have made the employees to engage themselves into friendly competitions. Prizes and rewards work both ways, it increases engagement between the employees and also makes them goal oriented.

Fun and entertainment

At Bongchie, in order to avoid the boredom from working hours at the office, there are installed speakers which have been arranged for the employees. They have the flexibility to operate and use it at any time of the hour.


Challenges and Employee Development

Employees are given out certain challenging tasks once-twice a month to increase their potency in strategy making or problem-solving skills. The tasks are given out to improve their self-learning skills and increase their scope of growth.

Employees are handed out tasks without any instructions or guidance and are asked to figure out everything by themselves. The goal behind this is to engage them into self-training. There will not be any room left for training the employees if they have figured out the whole task in their own way. Individual skills and learning are extremely important at Bongchie.

The organisation, in no doubt has given us an extraordinary example of women empowerment as well employee development. The employees who have left the company before now wants to join them back due to their engagement with their employees. Employees who have been present in the company since day one, are still present in the company till this day.

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Bongchie believes by its experience, women empowerment is immensely needed in this society to keep the world in its place. For an example, the way women empowerment created a positive environment at Bongchie also increased its productivity and potential in the market. After observing the remarkable progress in the organisation Bongchie believes that every organisation must have a female opinion.


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