The Circle.Work: A Circle of Success for Startups

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Rajiv Bathla, Chief Operating Officer-The Circle.Work, beams with pride at the very mention of it. True to his assertion, it is a hotspot for innovations where  professionals, startups, scaleups and enterprises alike fuse their ideas for mutual business growth. And call The Circle.Work their second home.

Alike men being the product of their environment, budding organizations also borrow impressions from their larger ecosystem. The Circle.Work harbors many brilliant businesses that radiate its culture and their employees identify themselves as a part of  this larger thought-led workplace, where people come first.

The Circle.Work stands tall amidst other brands. Rajiv Bathla shared insights on what makes The Circle.Work as “the” destination.

Philosophy of The Circle.Work

Founded by Karanpal Singh, The Circle.Work is more than just a standalone co-work space. It was conceptualised out of the need for a collaborative environment for Hunch Venture’s portfolio businesses. In doing so, we realised that just by way of getting people together they had started to find solutions and create synergies.

Apart from work, Circle is also about music, humour, conversation, debate, opinion and creativity, all of which help bind The Circle.Work community together.

What makes The Circle.Work tower over its competitors?

The Circle.Work is a premium, technology-enabled architectural marvel, a lifestyle workspace with matchless infrastructure. We also invest, incubate and be the very backbone for startups while at the same time providing a flexible and vibrant environment for enterprises big to small.

We are more than a standalone co-work space and have ensured to differentiate ourselves from other players who maybe simply real-estate providers. We strategically partner with leading names such as Google, Facebook, Unity Technologies & Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to curate corporate innovation and incubation programs for our resident professionals.

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The Circle.Work also extends its initiatives to the external community. For instance: Circle has partnered with Unity Technologies, global gaming software company and has curated a Centre of Excellence for gaming, AR & VR. As a first of its kind the platform will serve as an entity to provide facilities for experiencing concepts, testing and demonstrating solutions, sharing best practices, technical support and training for all augmented/virtual/mixed reality start-ups, and a community place for gaming enthusiasts to meet-up and connect with like-minded people. The CoE will also run corporate programs to connect them with innovative start-ups, and facilitate funding of these start-ups through VC connections.

We have also partnered with the CII and launched the T.C.I.P. i.e. The Circle Innovation Program. With this we are creating and executing programs for corporates and other organizations interested in leveraging the startup ecosystem in order to boost innovation and growth in the country.

Today, The Circle’s facilities are being leveraged by some of the leading companies and startups spread across different domains including healthcare, fintech, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, among many others. The aim is to foster meaningful connections among entrepreneurs and young professionals. Today, our space has become a collaborative hub for creativity and innovation for all our resident companies.

Embodying a spirit of collaboration, learning and fun

Monthly round-tables are held at The Circle.Work for resident companies’ leaders/founders, for them to come together and talk about their work, discuss their wins and challenges apart even collaborate to leverage each other’s skills and services.

The Circle.Work knits its community together with innovative and very people-centric events such as Friday Socials, networking marathons, health and fitness pop-ups, yoga and culinary sessions.

The Circle. Work collaborated with the leading names in the industry to bring alive some landmark events  for its community with examples such as the below:

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1.    Gaming Community Meetup and Bootcamp with Unity Technologies

The Circle has set up a Centre of Excellence for AR/VR and Gaming, in collaboration with Unity Technologies. This centre, a first of its kind in Delhi NCR, will serve as an entity to provide facilities for experiencing concepts, testing and demonstrating solutions, sharing best practices, technical support and training for all augmented/virtual/mixed reality start-ups, and a community place for gaming enthusiasts to meet-up and connect with like-minded people.

As part of community engagement initiatives, we organised the first Unity Day meet-up on 25th May, where more than 100 game creators, artists, developers, students and Unity enthusiasts came together from multiple cities across India. We also organised the first ever Unity Bootcamp from 15th To 20th July, an intensive training program undertaken by Unity engineers. As part of the talent development goals of the CoE, we had 22 developers to learn how to code for all aspects of game development within Unity.

2.    Fireside chat with Rajan Anandan

Rajan Anand, ex-Google (VP, India & SEA) a marquee name in the startup community, an angel-investor, held a discussion on entrepreneurship and the Indian startup ecosystem, with the session being moderated by Archana Jahagirdar of AngelWorks.

3.    Google Developer Bootcamp

Google Developer Relations India partnered with The Circle to conduct an intensive and hands-on 2-day machine learning workshop and bootcamp in June. The bootcamp included a Google instructor-led training and hands-on projects on Machine learning. More than 50 developers attended the session, and gave highly positive feedback, highlighting the need for more such programs.

4.    Google Developers Group (GDG) meet-ups

The Circle has partnered with GDG communities across  Delhi-NCR to host meet-ups and events centred around specific topics and technologies, such as the TensorFlow Dev Viewing Party, Next’19 Extended (extended version of Google’s largest cloud conference),  and Firebase Meetup (hosting the team from Google HQ)

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5.    Facebook Developers meet

The Circle and Facebook joined hands for the community of software developers. The session saw an interesting exchange between official Facebook developers and the participants around the on-going trends in the industry, along with a discussion on improving their skills.

6.     Easy to Pitch organised their inaugural session on “All About Fundraising”

This was the first ever event organised by Easy to Pitch, a startup based out of the Circle and who help other start-ups learn the ropes of first pitches and presentations. It was a high energy interactive session with a panel of renowned speakers, including Deep Bajaj (Founder Peebuddy & Sirona), Gaurav Kachru (Founder, SIDEAS Early stage investments), Shivi Singh (Co-founder & CEO ClearDekho), and Sarthak Bakshi (Founder & CEO, International Fertility Centre & Angel Investor). The major topics of the session were about busting startup myths, avoiding strict no’s, and key focus areas for first fund raise.

The Circle.Work: A Circle of Success

The Circle.Work has established itself has a largest hub of business leaders, mentors, professionals, influencers and policymakers while offering cutting edge technology and innovation.

As Rajiv Bathla puts it, “Our strategic partnerships with industry trade bodies and the government will help enhance collaboration and bring scale to our members. We have many such associations in the pipeline. These partnerships are planned keeping in mind the precise needs of our entrepreneurs.”

He added, “The winners in the space will be the ones who provide an edge and bring communities together to build a sustainable ecosystem.”

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