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Driving A World-Class Mindset At Edwards Lifesciences



In an exclusive interview with Amazing Workplaces, Malcolm Dsouza, Senior Director – Head – Human Resources at Edwards Lifesciences (I) Private Limited, said, “Edwards Lifesciences (‘Edwards’) is a patients-first company – this is our vision, mission, and working ideology.”


What role does innovation play in healthcare?

As healthcare goes digital on the back of evolving technologies, it makes accessibility to healthcare services more seamless by eliminating physical constraints. Be it teleconsultations, online pharmacies, or in-home health visits, everything is more discoverable and accessible than ever. Technology has also improved the quality of operations and surgeries by enabling clinicians and researchers to collaborate and address the unmet healthcare needs of patients at the utmost ease.

Leveraging advanced technologies like machine learning, we conduct hemodynamic monitoring and transcatheter heart valves to provide patients with a better and healthy life. We are essentially focused on bringing innovative therapies onboard to firmly decide on early clinical outcomes and procedural success instead of quotas. Our priority is to innovate unprecedented therapies that can enhance the quality and quantity of patients’ lives. We strenuously work to battle cardiovascular diseases on the back of breakthrough medical technologies and employees who are experts in their respective fields.

How does Edward Lifesciences hire a team that constantly delivers best-in-class products and challenges the status quo?

Edwards Lifesciences (‘Edwards’) is a patients-first company – this is our vision, mission, and working ideology. We simply prioritize the unmet needs of patients in our decision making and in encouraging our employees.

At Edwards, we hire a highly diverse team while we drive an inclusive culture within the Organisation with high focus on our Secret Sauce which is Patients first, Dream Big, Welcome surprises, Own your failures and learn from it, Seek diverse perspectives, Simply, Challenge the system, Life is now don’t wait and your own success ingredient. We don’t only focus on what we achieve but also look at how we have achieved it keeping in mind our culture of leading with innovation, empathy, transparency, compliant & giving back.

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What motivates your team to deliver their best?

‘Helping patients is our life’s work, and life is now’ is the philosophy we follow at Edwards. We don’t wait for an opportunity to help but believe in giving our best at every point possible.

What are some of the best practices you follow in people management?

We have a dedicated Individual Development Plan to upskill employees and help them advance in their career journey. This program is specially designed for managers who want to help their subordinates learn and develop relevant industry-specific skills. They can simply access these learning resources for free and can also sign up to leverage paid materials. Edwards partners with different Training Companies, Business and Language Schools including University of California, eCornell, Rosetta Stones, New Horizons, Mind Tools, among others to offer various online courses for our employees.

We also offer several mentoring and coaching programs for our employees to excel in their respective domains. Apart from this, we allow eligible employees to apply for any open positions featured on the Edwards Hiring Webpage.

We also have a free-of-cost Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to offer counselling to employees and their families in need by dialing in toll-free helpline numbers. Hence, we understand the importance of wellness and host various wellness programs around financial fitness, community service, nutrition, and prevention, etc. In a nutshell, leading with empathy and being open and fair to all is what we believe in and follow at Edwards.

What drives a world-class mindset at Edwards Lifesciences?

Our wide array of innovative technology products on the back of a patient-centric approach is what helps us drive excellence in healthcare. As an industry thought leader, Edwards is bound to thrive faster, learn and evolve quicker and build strong partnerships with leading clinicians globally striving to transform medical practice. These work ethics enable us to make cooperative associations with regulators and payers, thereby ensuring that patients get unhindered access to breakthrough therapies to lead a quality life.

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