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People, Culture & Innovation at MOON Ultra Light


MOON Ultra Light, a sleek clip-on that attaches to any phone or laptop and casts just the right amount of light on a subject. The rechargeable device brightens or dims at the touch of a finger and adjusts between cool and warm light. And at the size of a small cherry, the $59 clip-on is much smaller and less intrusive than many other lighting tools on the market.

MOON Ultra Light has been in the news for quite some time since it was listed as one of the 100 best inventions of 2020 by TIME Magazine.

The Amazing Workplaces team spoke to Chelsea Beyerman, VP of marketing at MOON Ultra to understand the role that innovation plays in the organization as well as other employee management and leadership aspects.

Chelsea Beyerman is a strategic, devil-is-in-the-details thinker and has worked throughout her career to build brands by always remaining two steps ahead of the game. Driven by data, fueled by caffeine and competition, she believe the best work is built when facts meet creativity, and ideas are allowed to run free and grow, before being reigned in and refined to an innovative approach.

Below is our conversation with Chelsea:

What is the role of innovation in your organization?

Innovation is everything at MOON Ultra. Being at the forefront of the latest trends is imperative to our success. We make sure we’re using innovative technologies and interlaced strategies in the hopes we make a continuous impact on the market through our product.

How do you promote team members to do their best?

I find that positive reinforcement and constantly checking in with team members is very helpful. Even if it’s just a “Hey, how are you doing?” once a day, that simple question allows the other person to have a chance to say “I need help,” or “I need to bounce something off you” or even just a chance to vent or talk about non-work related topics. Building a working relationship with your team and knowing each other on more than just a professional level can have resounding effects in terms of productivity and happiness.

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What kind of start-up leader are you?

I am a pretty scrappy, DIY type of person, but one of the biggest things I’ve learned is to use your network. It’s so important to realize that you don’t know what you don’t know and that there are other people out there who DO know, who are better suited for certain tasks than you are. While I love to DIY, I also think it’s very important to understand that in some cases, you are better off outsourcing certain tasks or projects, vs. trying to figure them out yourself.

How do you promote/create a positive virtual office culture in the world of WFH/COVID?

Daily and/or weekly team meetings are incredibly important. While we all work apart (and have even pre-COVID), hopping on a video call for 30 minutes even once a week can be a huge morale boost, especially if you are able to dedicate some of this time toward non-work-related conversation. Allowing your team to be “people” with each other, and providing the time for them to do this, will boost your team’s connectedness and willingness to work with each other.


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