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Most MSMEs don’t know how to create the right hiring process”, Rajiv Talreja, Founder of Asia’s Largest MSME Business Coaching Company- Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd.


Hiring the ideal employees and building a great team that is not just highly productive but engaged is a dream that all entrepreneurs aspire to achieve. However, building great teams is not a matter of chance. It is a scientific process that needs to be learnt. To get an insight into the various aspects of hiring and nurturing great employees, we had an email interaction with Rajiv Talreja, Founder of Asia’s Largest MSME Business Coaching Company- Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd.


Rajiv began his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 20 with the formation of Quantum Leap. In 2010, he went on to set up three more businesses in the field of Outsourcing, Recruitment and Event Management. He got his first break in 2007, but after mere two years, Quantum Leap incurred heavy losses. To keep the dream alive, Rajiv tested different waters in the hope of finding that one thing that works for the company. By the age of 23, he shut down 2 out of his 4 businesses in order to cut short his losses.


Learning from this experience, he decided to re-educate himself by interviewing 300+ pioneer entrepreneurs of different fields, such as Kiran Mazumdar, Ashok Soota, C K Kumaravel and so forth. This led to the birth of “Lead or Bleed,” which swept the nation by becoming India’s best-selling book in four categories on Amazon in 2016.


Ever since, Rajiv has been training MSME’s in the art of doing business. One of the key aspects of these trainings is creating the right teams. Here’s what Rajiv shares with us.

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You work with thousands of MSME’s and small business owners. Share with us a few challenges that such businesses face in terms of talent hiring and retention?


The main issue when it comes to hiring and retention that MSMEs face is the fact that a lot of team members join, learn what they have to, are trained for a significant amount of time and then leave. Once they leave, their expertise, the training and the time spent on developing them all go to waste because the same has to be done with team members who replace them.


This mainly happens because most MSMEs are dependent on people rather than systems. So, when people leave, their systems take a hit. 


Other issues involve building a high-performance team. Most MSMEs struggle to build teams that bring in the desired results along with being great at relationships within the organization. They fail to balance between results and relationships due to which there is a dearth in results as well as a healthy company culture. Backbiting, gossip, etc becomes a norm which hampers growth and productivity.


A lack of scientific hiring, firing and appraisals is also a key issue in employee retention.


What are some of the root causes of these problems?


The primary root cause is the fact that most MSMEs don’t know how to create the right hiring process, filter the right person required based on the attitude, skills and competencies for the specific job role.


After hiring, they are also not proactive in people management; they don’t spend their time in activities like Mentoring, Feedback, Training, Reviewing, Accountability, Appraisals, and Acknowledging Performers.

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This lowers morale and a lot of times why business owners are unable to focus on these essential activities is because they are trapped in firefighting!


What can MSME’s and small businesses do differently to counter talent-related problems?


MSME business owners must ground themselves in a WIN-WIN-WIN philosophy where they as business owners WIN, the teams that help them take the business forward WIN and also their customers who they serve, WIN as well. They should be focused on people management and making sure they have a non-toxic workplace for their employees and teams to grow!


The growth of team members both financially and career-wise should also be something entrepreneurs should focus on. When the work culture is positive, people stay and are pivotal in the growth and success of a business.


Building great teams helps ensure business success! Please elaborate on this statement.


Great teams are the backbone of a successful business. Teams that create the right culture and have the right competencies ensure a solid foundation for a successful business. They can ensure daily tasks happen smoothly, they can become the rightful 2nd line of leaders that an entrepreneur needs so that they can focus instead on strategic growth and explore scale for their business.


Please share your guru mantra for managing people


It’s the simplest trick in the book- people will care for your growth if you care for theirs.

What are some key aspects entrepreneurs must keep in mind to build great teams?


  1. Recruit the right people
  2. Give them proper role clarity.
  3. Remunerate well.
  4. Review goals and progress consistently.
  5. Respect people and stop micromanaging
  6. Have a rewards and recognition system based on performance and merit 
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