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Tips to Hire Resources for Faith-Based Firms

Given the large presence of faith-based firms in the American economy, it is not surprising that many business owners who identify as religious would want to hire resources from within their faith communities. However, hiring from within the faith community can pose some challenges.

9 Reasons Why Good Talent Stays

9 Reasons Why Good Talent Stays in the Organization

One of the top reasons why top talent stays at an organization is that these employees feel like they are significantly contributing to the company. Employees feel more confident when they see their efforts lead to success, and they will likely want to stay in this situation.

Employee Retention Strategies

Strategic Employee Retention in a Difficult Labor Market

Retention starts in how you describe the open position in the job posting. Do you describe your organization as a place where a new hire can learn and grow? Do you let potential applicants know that your culture thrives on transparency and that you listen to your team members and genuinely value their ideas?

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10 Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring a New Employee

Hiring employees for your organization requires both time and money. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your new hires fit in with the synergy of your staff, always keep these ten things in mind when hiring a new employee.


5 Powerful Employee Retention Strategies to Control Employee Turnover

When old employees randomly quit an organization, it results in a loss of time and resources. And if your recruitment and retention strategies aren’t strong enough, there would always be the fear of losing good employees once you hire and invest in them.

10 Tips To Craft Effective Job Descriptions-amazing-workplaces-blog

10 Tips To Craft Super Effective Job Descriptions

If crafted effectively, job descriptions can go a long way in facilitating a smooth and hassle-free recruitment process. Here are the top 10 tips for companies looking to create effective job descriptions.


5 Major Functions of Human Resource Management

HR is not all about making Rangoli and we couldn’t agree more.  HR is the most strategic function in any organization and perceiving the HR department as the incompetent and ineffective department is nothing less than a misconception.

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Board Infinity To Hire 2000 Employees In Next Six Months

The startup is hiring freshers and young professionals in areas like technology, digital marketing, operations, sales. The company has successfully impacted more than 20,000 careers in the last 2 years through their platform.


Hire People for Character, Train them for Skills

I have always believed that capacity is a sum total of character and competence (skills). The most appropriate approach is to always have the two (character and skills) blended in a healthy way… By Supriya (Naval) Kabra

5 Real Reasons Why Employees Quit

Retaining leading employees is a primary factor in any organization to maintain the strength and morale of the workplace. Employees that were hired and trained BROTHERS employees people culture blue collared ekta capoor interview

Achieving near zero attrition rate at

“Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” We firmly believe in this philosophy and therefore make significant efforts to invest in our employees.

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