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10 Tips To Craft Super Effective Job Descriptions

10 Tips To Craft Effective Job Descriptions-amazing-workplaces-blog


Swaths of HR managers worldwide concur that hiring the right candidates is vital for long-term business success. When a job post for a particular role goes online, companies receive a plethora of applications for the same. In fact, each job opening in the corporate sector attracts around 250 resumes on an average. While a large applicant pool at hand allows firms to be more selective, filtering out unfit candidates can be quite exhausting.


This is where well-written job descriptions can come in handy for attracting top talents and keeping unqualified candidates away. If crafted effectively, job descriptions can go a long way in facilitating a smooth and hassle-free recruitment process. Here are the top 10 tips for companies looking to create effective job descriptions.




  1. Use a clear and compelling job title


The journey to attract the right candidates for open positions begins with the job title.

When a potential candidate comes across a job opening on the internet, the first thing that comes to his/her notice is the job title. Since a great first impression can help companies fill roles faster, writing a clear and compelling job title is quite essential. A clear job title can work wonders for bringing in a talented pool of candidates.


On the other hand, a vague job title can put off candidates faster than you might expect. So, make sure the title you select is compelling enough to inspire job seekers to apply to the advertised role.


  1. Describe the responsibilities clearly


You must familiarize candidates with the tasks they would be assigned on a regular basis. Ideally, you should describe all the job responsibilities in a brief bulleted list that can be understood at a glance. The description of necessary day-to-day job duties will give job seekers a clear idea of what a typical workday would be like.

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  1. Keep your job description concise


Concise job descriptions tend to perform a lot better than their longer counterparts. It is so because concise descriptions are easy on the eyes and can be skimmed through even when you are on the go. Also, the writing style you employ should be in accordance with your brand’s tone.


Unless you have some enticing details to share with potential candidates, it is best to keep job descriptions short and sweet.


  1. Refrain from using too much jargon


You should always refrain from using too much jargon or terminology specific to your organization. Many recruiters are of the view that terms like “digital marketing guru” and “social media maven” make job posts engaging. In reality, such language can baffle job seekers and make them less likely to apply for the role. Whereas straightforward job descriptions can help recruiters hire good candidates in less time.


  1. Add popular keywords in your job descriptions


When you are writing a job description, you ought to look at the job hunt process from the perspective of a candidate. Stuffing your job descriptions with hackneyed buzzwords like “ninja” and “rockstar” will not make your post stand out from the pack. Instead, you should include popular keywords which job seekers are normally searching for.


Adding keywords is a sure shot way to make your job post climb to the top of search results on popular search engines and leading job portals. Just make sure you use both short-tail and long-tail keywords that are proven to drive high traffic to avoid getting lost in the shuffle.

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  1. Avoid gender-biased language


Gender-biased language must be avoided at all costs as it can cause your company to lose top talent to the competition. Terms like “superhero”, “dominate” etc., blatantly signify gender bias in job descriptions. You should always write descriptions for job openings using gender-neutral words. This will help give an impression that your company provides equal opportunities to candidates regardless of their gender.


  1. Add a short section about your company culture


About 47% of active job seekers reported to have quit their jobs, citing company culture as the main reason. This is why your job description must paint a positive picture of your organization and explain what it is like to work in it. Candidates should be acquainted with your company culture so that they can give their best and contribute to your business effectively.


The section describing your company should shed light on your company’s goals, future plans, management style etc. Also, put emphasis on factors that distinguish your organization from the crowd. It could be anything from a high retention rate and a gorgeous onsite cafeteria to a wellness program aimed at enriching the lives of employees.


  1. Set realistic expectations


If you are looking for someone having pretty much every skill imaginable, you might never find the ideal candidate. Candidates tend to avoid job roles that involve overwhelming workloads which can rob them of their work-life balance. So, consider setting realistic expectations to speed up the recruitment process.


  1. Take assistance of your existing employees


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It must be noted that the requirements of a job role change with the passage of time. You should seek the input of people who work in your company at positions which you are advertising. If your current team is well-versed with the role, it should be tasked with creating job descriptions. With adequate experience at their disposal, they would be better suited to update descriptions with new requirements.


  1. Include details on benefits and salary range


There is no doubt that salary range transparency has been a hot topic for years. One of the most vital pieces of information that candidates prioritize when skimming through a job post is – salary. If salary range details are withheld from the description, job seekers may get demotivated to evaluate the role further.


Moreover, you must list out the benefits your company offers to employees like paid time off, health insurance, flexible work hours etc. Thus, see to it you are transparent about salary details and benefits as these two things hold utmost significance in the sight of job seekers.




Companies have long complained about the time that gets wasted in weeding out inapt job applications. But you can drop all such worries as thoughtfully crafted job descriptions can drive away unsuitable applicants in the very beginning. Above all, they can help attract the right candidates who would quickly blend with your team culture. So, make sure you follow the tips given above while writing job descriptions to make your hiring campaign successful.


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