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7 ways HR can Improve Employee Happiness and Productivity

7 ways HR can Improve Employee Productivity

Human Resources is essential because of its pivotal role in the success of an organization. Employees are the greatest asset in a workplace, a satisfied employee works harder, produces better and keeps the business thriving and the work of HR is to inspire and encourage them to propel the growth of the business.HR ensures that the functions and practices that involve employee management welfare are developing their skills, actuating them to the foremost level and increasing their happiness and productivity.

Human Resources management creates ways to achieve equilibrium between employer-employee goals and needs by imparting the employees about the quintessence of their field and seeking their input regarding their job satisfaction for a better work life.HR specifically works on Productive Recruitment, Welfare Management, Employee Training and Conflict Resolving. For employees, they protect their rights, ensuring that employers operate within the scope of employment and labor law. The HRM department members provide the knowledge, training, necessary tools and administrative services for the employees while keeping their welfare as their ultimate goal.

  1. Clarity on Job Profiles and Tasks

Companies often face problems on role clarity of the employees. The employee himself is unaware and unsure of the role he stands and the tasks he has been given. Employees often do the double work as the given tasks to the team has not been segregated and defined properly to each team member. Due to this, employees themselves become unclear regarding their role and profile that stands in the company.

HRM Department fix such kind of expected problems with their strategic chart consisting of responsibilities and accounting (RACI) for every team. RACI defines as

  • R- Responsibility
  • A- Accountable
  • C- Consulted
  • I- Informed

The employees are handed out these charts defining which employee is given out what task and who do they need to consult and inform.

The chart can be displayed where all the team members can view it. Each team member shall know who has been given what task and will result in no repeating of tasks. According to the given strategy, each employee will not only get a better idea about their role and profile in the company but will also understand the work assigned to their team member. It results in role defining and transparency in the organization.


10 Ways to Promote Employee Happiness at Work

Happy employees are the foundation of a good organization. Businesses that value their employees are more likely to outperform those that don’t.
As per an industry study, highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. Satisfied employees can be a powerhouse of productivity, innovation, and energy. They find it easier to collaborate and engage with other employees and customers. As James Sinegal said, “When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors.”

  1. Flexible Working

Flexible working is a huge benefit for the workplace as it eases the employee’s threshold on work. Flexible working can be working from home or have a meeting with a client outside the office at some café. Adding flexibility to work boosts the employee’s morale and confidence. It as well attracts other employees to join the workplace due to its flexibility and ease of work. Due to the given flexible hours, the employees manage to find time for themselves and for their family.

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Employees tend to deliver better than expected when they are happy and satisfied with their employee provisions at work. Work life balance is extremely essential in today’s work environment. ‘Work life balance’ assigns to the coordination and sentience between personal and professional life. Organisations have started to recognise the importance of work life balance and therefore introduce flexible working that can help the employees manage to maintain a balance at work and home. Flexibility of work from home or any different location except from the workplace can give the employee an experience of both work and personal space. Unfortunately, the result of poor work life balance not only affects the employee’s personal life but also affects the companies they are working for. At Aviva life Insurance, the company uses an empathetic approach to create their office into an amazing workplace.


Employee Experience by Author & HEX Coach Ben Whitter

Employee Experience: Develop a Happy, Productive and Supported Workforce for Exceptional Individual and Business Performance
For organizations to maintain their competitive advantage, their people need to be performing to the best of their abilities. But in a world of increasing stress and pressure, of rapid technological change and digital overload, supporting and developing employees has never been more difficult.

Flexibility also allows employees to have a control over themselves and their schedule rather than control being taken over by the difficult working hours at the workplace or spending hours commuting to work through heavy traffic. Allowing employees to set their own schedule and timings, keeps their morale high and boosts their independence.

  1. Keeping the workplace up-to-date

Work environment has a direct impact on employee productivity. Therefore, keeping the workspace up-to-date is extremely important. As the company grows, the employee expectations grow along. Upgrading the office space to present day’s workplace requirements is a necessity for employee growth, especially today. Provide the employees with a relaxing atmosphere to work in, with comfortable desk and proper lightings to ease their work performance. Be flexible on the seating arrangement, being seated on the same desk every day for 6-8 hours can affect their health and results in lousiness at work. Provide them with couches or relaxation rooms to work in and flexibility to work there if they desire.

Along with installing new and improved gear in the workplace likewise keep updating the present gears in the office. Updating the office gears increases its duration and enhances its ability to operate well and better. Updating allows employees to accelerate their work performance.

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A good workstation is considered as an advantage in a working environment. A workstation is more than a personal computer, it contains operating system specially for professional purpose and higher speed graphics to keep up with the workers speed and provide a comfortable working environment. Being an inhabitant of the digital world, a proper working workstation is extremely important. A workstation with slow speed rate will as well slow down employees speed and will cause it to make him dull. Great examples of comfortable work stations with strategic designs at, 5 reasons your company needs to focus on workspace design

A workstation’s equipment should be implemented and designed in a way where the employees can find ease to carry out with their daily tasks and access their equipment. Employers should ensure that workstations provided by them to their employees are safe and healthy for them. For example, a desk and table being used by the employees should be comfortable for them to work for long hours, it should be designed in such a way that would keep the employee’s posture straight.

  1. Invest in employee’s happiness

Employees are the central aspect that keeps the workplace progressing and upgrading. Therefore, keeping them satisfied and happy should be one of the first priorities. By showing them that you care for them and not always for the sake of work purpose can increase their confidence in the company. Decisions must be made while keeping them into consideration also keeping their interests and disinterests into account. By maintaining an employee friendly environment at the workplace, will not only keep the present employees happy but also attract newer talent.

In order to invest in employee happiness, organizations must be flexible and must engage the employees into fun activities. There are several fun ways to show the employees that the company is thankful to have them. Once the employees understands that the company and their employers indeed care for them, they go out of their way and work hard towards the profitability of their company.

  1. Employee Benefits

Rewarding and praising of the employees by their employers in front of everybody has proven to boost employee’s confidence. Besides praising, employees can be provided with benefits that can be only be received after achieving or accomplishing a certain goal. Few benefits include health insurance, child care and other benefits that can not only benefit the employee but also their families. For example, companies like MetLife provide their working mothers the benefit of creche facility for their young ones.

By providing employee benefit, employees receive something to look forward to, to set a goal in order to accomplish those benefits. Thus, increases work speed and achievements.

  1. Conduct an Employee survey

Employee experience surveys helps to find out the sensitive feedback from the employees about the employers and how comfortable and willing is the workplace to them. The mission behind conducting the surveys is to find out the answers and aspects that the employees are not open to and uncomfortable to converse directly with their employers. Another benefit in conducting surveys is that feedback comes in a bulk through surveys which is easy to analyse to find a solution to relevant problems.  A healthy workplace must conduct occasional surveys to find out what the employees think of the company lately or the perspective hey have about the new policy that has just been introduced

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Once employees are handed the surveys, they are also handed with a voice to express about the organization. It makes employees understand that they have a stake in the organization and their opinions matter too.

Online surveys can be conducted and used in two ways, it can be used to examine the environment of the workplace, the employee’s feelings and opinions and perceptions about the company. Also, online surveys can be conducted to find out the expectations and needs that employees have from the company and their employers. Surveys plays a huge part in every organisation not just to figure out the expectations and improvements but also it helps remove direct tension in between which some employees go through.

  1. Employee Education and Training

A good learning environment keeps the employees open to adapting new skills and leaves room for improvement. Organisations which are open to employee’s skills development and education have seen far more increased employee productivity due to developing skills and learning.

Training similarly helps employees to remain up-to-date with his work and growth to the new level. Training includes new instructions and revising the present skills. Training helps to evaluate the employees individually and identify out the most well skilled employee of all. Through trainings, employers can learn more about their employees and spend more quality time together to build confidence and a professional bond with one another. Organisations wishing to reach to the top and stay competitive in the market must provide training and education to their employees to further advance and learn new skills.

Employees confidence and work performance are influenced by their employers. However, few employers fail to keep up with their employees’ aspirations. The role of Human Resource management and its professionals consists of defining ways and goals for enhancing the employee experience and satisfaction in order to increase employee as well as organisational productivity.                                                                                      


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