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Achieving near zero attrition rate at

WhatsApp BROTHERS employees people culture blue collared ekta capoor interview is another halt for us to satiate our appetite for discovering amazing workplaces. “befikr BROTHERS”, that’s how the company and the customers address the workforce at A paradigm shift from the typical “bhaiya”, that we are so accustomed to while addressing the blue collared handymen we deal with everyday.


Every entrepreneur wants to build an organization that is successful, has zero or minimal attrition rate, has employees that are willing to go miles for the company and are not just solving people’s problems but also creating a distinct cultural shift in the minds of the customers.


And when you meet a team of highly energetic young entrepreneurs who have created an organization that is not just a successful venture but also has a heart and a soul too, you are in awe and want to know exactly how such an organization is designed to run!

To get an insight into what makes an amazing workplace, we recently met Chirajay Sharma & Sumit Srivastava along with the Chief People Officer  at, Sunil Gautam. The dynamic force behind a path breaking organization that is all set to break many myths about how a company based on human values can surface and succeed in a cut throat corporate scenario. 

We have near zero attrition rate at says Chirajay Sharma, its Co-Founder

The role of employees at

We are in the service industry hence employees are the prime movers for us and are the most precious investment for our business.
To quote Richard Branson, “Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Hence the team at is like a family to us. We are very careful to appoint our team members & are cautious of hiring candidates who come with a typical employee mindset. We firmly believe in this philosophy and therefore make significant efforts to invest in our employees.

We are working towards minimising and eventually helping to eradicate the divide between blue collared and white collared in the work system.


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Important elements to retain employees at

Honestly, at we don’t really have an employee retention policy. Ever since 2016 when we started our journey of accumulating a team of over 650 employees till today, we have never come across an episode where one of our shining stars had to be convinced to stay back. They have never resigned. At we believe in the philosophy of dignity of labour. Whether it’s a befikr BROTHER or our corporate team, our outlook towards them is One.

Employees’ happiness and their wellness plays a key role in their performance, retention and morale

Absolutely. In the morning when our team arrives, our team leaders ensure to be sensitive towards the moods being carried by the respective members. They ensure to come forward if required, to help discuss and resolve any problem in the befikr BROTHERS’ life, whether professional or personal. Happiness is a key ingredient to be effective at

We ensure to nurture a work culture where our employees often fail to differentiate between home & the work space. It’s the same & sometimes even better. Laughs…

Measures and activities to keep employees happy and motivated

We really don’t believe in bossism at Each member has his or her set of responsibilities & they are their own driving force. We never hire managers just to captain or monitor the flock. This is a unique situation where people possess the freedom to control the levels of their performance & deliver results. Happiness starts at workplace with freedom, followed by respect & rewarding the outstanding work they do at an appropriate time. The simple recipe of motivation is to only hire self-motivated people, another key dimension towards retaining a good team is engagement of their families with the organization. Whenever we can and at regular intervals we interact & ensure they are heard & given feedback through a Family-Founders-Meeting. Its exciting to have such sessions.

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Parameters we follow to become an amazing workplace

Let Employees Be Themselves

Whenever we want to bring about a change it is driven from the bottom. The first voice of change comes from our employees. In the past 10-12 months, many new ideas have been implemented in the company which we could never have visualised at our level. Multi-skilling is one idea that came from our employees who wanted to utilize their free time by equipping themselves with new skills. When the people own the idea, they feel more responsible to put it to practise.

Transparency of Information
We are extremely transparent with our team. The level of transparency is such that if you ask any of the team members what our current revenue is, what our past revenue was or what our future goals are they will be able to tell you. They are aware of everything that is going on in the company.

Magnify People’s Strengths

When a befikr BROTHER joins us, he comes mainly with a single skill. Within 6 months of his tenure, he definitely picks up associated skills from colleague Brothers. Our in-house befikr Academy ensures that the energy of our employees is positively channelized for work and they do not sit idle.

Understanding the company’s Goal & Culture
Our goal is to pioneer a social change in the Indian Society, where being rich or being educated should not be directly proportional to the respect someone should get in the society. At we just don’t understand this divide & this has to change. Hence India will see a new community & a new religion emerge called befikr BROTHERS. We are working hard to build a culture of respect via the culture of social transformation.

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Role Clarity
Each member of the team understands & is self-aware of the organizational dependency in a particular role. At different levels our employees know what their area of operation is, and what is the level of contribution expected from them. The roles are non-overlapping and the team is clear about the same. Secondly, we have different levels wherein responsibilities are clearly defined and demarcated.

Suggestions for organizations to become an amazing workplace
Every employer should respect their employees. Don’t treat them as employees.

At a new visitor often cannot differentiate between who is a Co-Founder & who an employee. Any workspace which is able to achieve so should be certified as an amazing workplace.



Is your workplace truly amazing? It’s time to find out! Take the Amazing Workplaces® survey and certification – your chance to benchmark your company against top performers, uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses, and embark on a journey to build a workplace that’s the envy of your entire industry. Know more


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