5 Ways AI Will Transform Hiring In 2023

Anand Bhushan

Anand Bhushan

Anand Bhushan, CEO, EasyRecruit+ & EduCrack, is an Industry & Domain agnostic Business Leader. He excels across Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, HealthCare, Luxury Retail, Consulting and Education as CEO & Business Head . People Motivator and a Life long Learner.
Role of AI - artificial intelligence in hiring


“AI is in a ‘golden age’ and solving problems that were once in the realm of sci-fi.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder, ex-CEO & Executive Chairman of Amazon.com


‘Ai Enabled Hiring’ is a term that conjures up an image which to many, is baffling. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize employee and employer experiences in a variety of ways. From recruiting to talent management, workplaces are increasingly embracing this technology that can effectively get large amounts of data processing, while also freeing up time for human talent, so they can focus on bigger-picture functions.


In  2023, AI is touted to transform hiring processes in a rather significant way and a large part of the hiring process will be Ai enabled Hiring . If one is wondering how, here’s a simple way of looking at it – Artificial intelligence refers to any type of computer software that performs human-like tasks such as learning, planning, and problem-solving. It employs pre-programmed algorithms and uses logical computing approaches to make real-time decisions. The result? Better and quicker outcomes!


Does that mean AI proposes a job security threat to HR departments? Remember, the times when Computers entered our lives and a lot of hoopla was around that it will replace human labour and jobs would be at threat. Did it really happen ? No. Computers came to become our biggest allies, the tool, which have made our professional and personal  lives better organized and  easier.


On similar lines , a common misconception about AI is that it will eventually replace human workers. This again has the ring of fear of unknown or lesser known. However, this can’t be further from the truth. The purpose of AI is not to replace us humans but to augment our abilities and make our lives easier. And we have already started seeing the benefits of Ai enabled Hirings in the Corporate world and the positive changes , it is bringing about in the lives of recruiters as well as the candidates.

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By combining ‘human resources with technological intelligence, companies achieve an elevated and  evolved experience. Here are 5 ways in which AI enabled Hiring will be a real game changer:


1. Automation of Routine

The most prominent application of artificial intelligence in hiring processes is possibly in talent acquisition. Automating tasks such as resume screening, maintaining databases, candidate matching, and resolving queries will streamline recruitment. It will save hiring managers time and allow them to focus on more important tasks like personnel management and interviewing finalized candidates and more importantly adding value to the Organization.


2. Objectivity

Ai enabled Hiring will make hiring more objective. With AI algorithms, it is possible to analyze candidate data and remove any unconscious biases that recruiters may have. As a result, selection processes become more fair and diverse – a true need of the hour!


3. Analyze and Train

When it comes to enhancing the applicant experience, AI can provide personalized insights and feedback. With machine learning algorithms, candidates can analyze their digital footprint and receive tailored advice on improving their resumes or interviewing techniques. Ai enabled Interview Analytics are a perfect way not only for the Organizations to recruit and train, but also for the candidates to analyze and train themselves for the Recruitment process.


4. Initial Screening

Through AI enabled Hiring , repetitive tasks, such as scheduling interviews and sending follow-up emails, can be automated. The initial screening of the candidates , which in itself is a herculean task for the HR teams and eats up a lot of their time can be minimized, as their intervention will come down. By analyzing employee data and identifying potential future leaders, AI can also help companies uncover and nurture their internal talent.

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5. Better Hires

The use of artificial intelligence to predict job performance can drastically improve the quality of hires. Recruiters can use this information to identify the best candidates for a particular role, improving overall performance and retention rates.



AI may still conjure up sci-fi, futuristic images for some, but this characterization is slowly changing. In fact today, it is commonplace in everyday life. In some cases, it even has a household presence (Hey, Siri!) .

The year 2023, is going to see the evolving AI segment getting  integrated into the recruitment process and assist recruiter select the  right applicants. AI enabled recruitment, is set to dramatically change the way companies hire new employees in the near future, making it easier to recruit and retain top talent and boosting overall productivity and efficiency.


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