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How young entrepreneurs have changed work culture in terms of employee satisfaction

Mr. Ankit Khurana, MD ValueScale1


The Amazing Workplaces team recently had an email interaction with Ankit Khurana, Founder and Director, ValueScale Technologies to understand how young entrepreneurs are changing the employment landscape in the country through the startup culture.

A passionate entrepreneur with multi-fold skills, Ankit is tenacious, ambitious, and an innovative problem solver. He has worked on new tech solutions to improve inefficiencies of the Indian transportation system. Ankit launched his own entrepreneurial venture, ValueScale Technologies in April of 2018 with the aim of building the best-in-class products and providing technical services for the evergreen global technology industry.

In this interview, Ankit about key issues relating to recruitment and retention in startups!


How does the recruitment scenario for start-ups differ from that of established companies?

The recruitment scenario of start-ups is quite different from established companies because of their different work culture. Start-ups have always been in demand when we talk about fresh talents as they are the ones who are nurtured and developed by start-ups. Start-ups provide a full-fledged platform for freshers to use their academic knowledge and start their professional careers. Due to this the recruitment procedure, essentials for the job, and other specifications are entirely different. When we talk about established companies, they only prefer experienced candidates for their job profiles. As a start-up has a regularly evolving work environment, they prefer a candidate who is not only a team player but can also identify and solve problems on their own.


What are some of the key benefits and problems that Startups experience while recruiting?

The major benefit which we hold is that start-ups get in touch with various fresh minds which they can best train the fresh minds as they’re ready to understand and learn.

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  • It is difficult for us to Hire the right person at the right time
  • For start-up recruitment is a time taking process as it is difficult to understand whether the candidate is the right person for us or not
  • Also the myths about start-ups in the market are a great barrier for us in the process of recruiting.


Can you elaborate on how employees’ expectations have changed from their workplace?

Post pandemic the employee expectations have changed to a large extent. They are looking comfortable work environment like they had in their homes, which not only includes in terms of setting but also in terms of attire. Traveling to office in busy office timings is a past now and they want relaxation in terms of timings as well. Many employees have already been struggling to find privacy at work, which they are now accustomed to while they were working from home, so they expect the same now. Now people are expecting that workplaces should support them in terms of health and wellness as well, not only physically but mentally also.


Do start-ups provide better Employee Satisfaction. If so how? As a startup organization yourself, what do you offer to your employees that help in attracting good talent and retaining it?

Yes, start-ups provide better employee satisfaction because start-ups create an atmosphere for growth and give due recognition and praise for the efforts of their employees. The employees in start-ups have a say in almost every decision on the work front and proper care for their well-being is taken. As a start-up founder, I have already tried to build up a young team that is passionately working toward achieving our common goals. I have always believed that everyone should be given a chance in their full capacity to work and perform. I have always kept in mind the importance of employee wellbeing, that is why I have drafted a strict policy on work or no work emails on weekends and after office hours. Post pandemic I have given them the freedom to choose and make their work schedule and I go to the office basis the weekly schedule which I have from them. I have made the office environment eco-friendly and converted it to comfortable seating, replacing the traditional office chairs with comfy bean bags and sofas. Also, I never lose a chance to recognize the work done by the employees, both in-office and on the client front.

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While competing for talent acquisition, what are some ways startups can create a better work environment to attract talent?

Some ways in which start-ups can create a better work environment include:

  • There should be transparency at all levels in the start-up, be it on the part of the management or among the employees so that you can create a desirable work culture
  • Physical and mental well-being of employees should be properly taken care
  • Recognise and praise employee efforts, this helps in boosting their morale.
  • Create a politics-free work environment
  • Involve your employees in decisions making which gives them a feeling of belongings.


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