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Culture is the backbone of a happy workforce at FIS



At Amazing Workplaces, we are constantly striving to unearth and deliver stories from organisations that are deep rooted in culture. In our endeavour to do so, our Editor-in-chief, Ekta Capoor spoke to Mamta Wasan, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Fidelity National Information Services Inc., better known by the abbreviation FIS.


FIS, repetitively been named among FORTUNE Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies. FIS was founded in 1968 as Systematics™, which was later acquired by ALLTEL Information Services. FIS™ is a global leader in financial services technology, with a focus on retail and institutional banking, payments, +asset and wealth management, risk & compliance, consulting and outsourcing solutions.

FIS serves more than 20,000 clients in over 130 countries. FIS employs more than 52,000 people worldwide. FIS has also been named the No. 1 overall financial technology.


Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Mamta Wasan.


What according to you is the role of employees in an organisation?

Employees are the true assets of an organisation. They are the ones who add effectively towards the robust functioning of an organisation.  Employees have a role in the framing of policies and practices in accordance with compliance and budgets. They must understand where the organisation is going and their voices must be heard. They should feel that they belong and enjoy the work they do – feeling safe, secure and challenged. Needless to say, growth will follow. Thus, they should see a growing organisation that cares for them. Employees help in creating the culture and in giving back to society.

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Basis the following parameters, do you feel that your organisation is an amazing workplace? List examples for each attribute.

An amazing workplace, according to us, is where there is an environment to inspire employees to deliver their skills and abilities for the holistic development of the company and their professional growth.


  • Flexibility in Thought and Appearance

We make sure that there is flexibility in thought and appearance. We have an internal job practice, where all open positions are posted. We see to it that performance of the company is shared and questions and ideas along with innovative thoughts amongst employees are encouraged. In our organisation, accessibility right up to our CEO exists. 

  • Transparency of Information. Role of Internal Communications

It is very important to have a strong internal communication network for a company to grow. We conduct regular townhalls every quarter headed by each business unit leader. Here we discuss everything – our progress report, our accomplishments, hits and misses and our numbers are also shared with the employees. Questions are often asked in this forum. We also have channels to capture employees’ thoughts through regular chats, coffee connects, pulse meetings and an ethics portal in addition to all the grievance redressal and other committees. There is an assigned HR person per business unit for the employees to approach as well.

  • Learning & Development

We truly believe that learning is in the hands of the learner. Hence as an organisation, we have created the framework and a tie-up with skills port. This allows coverage for a mandated leadership program across all managers and the skills port addresses specific needs a learner may have. We also run technical sessions, internally and externally, and have a tuition assistance program for certifications and up skilling of the employees. We have career discussions four times a year through a frequent performance management cycle called Performance 365.

  • Well Defined Culture/Employee Wellness & Work-Life Balance
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According to us, the behaviour, attitude and interest of the employees at the workplace form the culture of an organisation. To enhance our work culture, we conduct employee engagement events, a robust Fitin5 program – focussed on physical health, mental health, food habits, work style, financial health for all the employees. We have a global tie-up with an Employee Assistance Program that employees and their families can avail. Our employees have access to a fitness app called Virgin Pulse and also a calendar of events designed around fun, hobbies, health, physical fitness, sports, festivals and celebrations.

In addition to this, we have a CSR program around one of our guiding principles of ‘Giving Back’ where the employees participate in events as well. Internal growth is given paramount importance. The fact that our attrition is lowest in the market in our area and that our leaders have stayed with the company for over ten years is a testament of our culture.

  • Rewards & Recognition

We make sure that the efforts that an employee puts in for the organisation never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. We have a robust structure that recognises performance every quarter among teams. We also have an annual award scheme called FAIM that recognises individual and teamwork. Innovate is our innovation competition held across the globe quarterly. Furthermore, tenure-based milestone awards are also given. Besides these, to encourage the employees, we have spot awards and instant recognition initiatives.

  • Diversity

We involve and include every group and representatives in our focus groups to drive policies and practices. There is no quota system and no differentiation on any basis. Ours is a very diverse workplace where we aim to enrich our employees by amplifying their horizons and enlivening their learning experiences.

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Please suggest what practices an organisation should follow to become an amazing workplace?

Company culture is vital to any organisation. It influences almost every aspect of a company. From employing top talent to refining employee satisfaction, it is the backbone of a happy workforce. Involving employees in creating policies and practices and the culture of an organisation will pave a path directed towards a great place to work. This not only instils a sense of belonging and teamwork but also a sense of pride and purpose amongst the employees.

FIS is an example for how it is like to have an organisation with a clear vision and a unique perspective towards its employees. An organisation can accomplish its goals in no time when keeping their employees equally as important as the goal stands.


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