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STEERWorld Announces the Creation of a Strategic Advisory Board

The board will provide strategic guidance & support the company’s growth into new markets & domains, deepening STEERWorld’s role as a leader in material transformation technology in the field of pharmaceuticals, plastics, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials & biorefining.

STEER Appoints T.N. Hari as Executive Chairman

This strategic move marks a significant milestone for the company as it endeavors to achieve new heights under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Hari, leveraging his extensive experience and insights in growing and scaling organizations.  

Mr. Sidhartha Shishoo Joins SG Analytics as COO

A seasoned professional, Sidhartha Shishoo (Sidhartha) brings over 25+ years of experience in leading multiple business functions and defining organizational culture to build high-performing global teams that remain happy and engaged.

iThrive appointed Avinash Deshmukh as Chief Operating Officer

Avinash has over 25 years of experience primarily in the oil and gas industry and has been at the helm of multiple large projects. He served as the assistant vice president of CIIF Lubricants for 8 years until 2021 before getting involved with iThrive.

HR SUCCESS TALK’s HR Leaders Summit and Awards March 2023

The event featured panel discussions that centered around “ESG-Environmental, Social & Governance” and  “Envisioning Talent Strategies to Evolve Culture in VUCA world” followed by the announcement of the Top 50 CHRO awardees.

Leadership trends

7 Leadership Trends To Watch Out For in 2023

Leadership trends are constantly evolving as society and technology advance. As we explore 2023, it’s important to consider what new leadership trends may emerge and how they could impact the way we work and lead.

Heritage Novandie Foods appoints Anmol Choubey as CEO

Anmol’s key focus areas for the near future involve catapulting Mamie Yova as a leader in the yogurt category. Utilizing the advantages of a clear product-market fit, encouraging customer adoption and fundamental market understanding.

GlobalLogic Announces Appointment of New President and CEO

Nitesh has led critical functions of GlobalLogic’s business. He contributed significantly to GlobalLogic’s noteworthy growth while also adeptly navigating the company through monumental challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Human Leadership Trust - Amazing-Workplaces

Human leadership is founded on the basis of trust

One of the most important duties organizational leaders have is to create an atmosphere of trust. Trust in a leader is a currency that does not come easy, it takes time, a lot of effort, and is the result of many factors.


Decoding The Leadership Style of the Next Decade

Future leaders will face even greater challenges. Leadership in the next decade will be about striking a balance between the pursuit of profit and the well-being of the organization and its ecosystem. And it will require a sense of compassion.

Leaders Need to Be Humans First-amazing-workplaces

Why Do Leaders Need To Be Humans First?

Leaders play a critical role in our workplaces and society. As people in positions of power and authority, they have the capacity to impact our daily lives. The onus of establishing connection too, therefore, lies on them.

Driving A World-Class Mindset At Edwards Lifesciences

As an industry thought leader, Edwards is bound to thrive faster, learn and evolve quicker and build strong partnerships with leading clinicians globally striving to transform medical practice.

Leading the Way, by Prashant Handoo

This book is an amalgamation of Prashant’s personal and professional experiences and outlines the key ingredients that helped in shaping him as a confident, well-aware individual, and a leader from a shy, underconfident, victim mindset driven personality.

HR Leadership, neuroscience, human element

Rising Importance of Neuroscience in HR Leadership

Technology, in many ways, is a reflection of humanity, and is helping us to understand ourselves better. I believe in business its our responsibility to care for others, support others to help us create new products and services. Guest Author: Anthony Vaughan

leadership characteristics, leader, team lead

4 tips to change from An Individual Contributor to A Leader

Moving from individual contributor to leader is like moving from being baby sat to being parent…. Yes I said being “baby sat to a parent”. Your entire perspective changes but not as much as you may think… By Anthony Vaughan

employee empowered, employee engagement, interview Unmesh Pawar-KPMG

Empowering employees at KPMG

  Ekta Capoor, editor in chief, Amazing workplace’s interview with Unmesh Pawar, Partner and Head, People, Performance and Culture at KPMG in India KPMG (Klynveld Peat

Effect of Learning and Development on employee growth at Biocon

Biocon BFI has augmented its growth in the last few years and have been projected as an organization of repute. They believe competency can be developed through knowledge enhancement of the employees where L&D plays a significant role.

amit das chro benett and coleman

Driving Employee Engagement In The Media Industry

Engagement drives behavior and it’s a proven fact, the more empowered employees feel, the more engaged they tend to be, not just in their jobs, but executing and ensuring quality output.

Leadership Do’s and Don’ts

  Leadership is an important aspect for the growth of any business. A leader can either be a team leader or a business owner. In

Culture is the backbone of a happy workforce at FIS

Company culture is vital to any organization. It influences almost every aspect of a company. From employing top talent to refining employee satisfaction, it is the backbone of a happy workforce.

Why Employees Thrive at MetLife

Employees play a very important role in deciding the culture of the workplace. They represent the company and it is the employer who works on his employees to train them to become their best version of themselves.

ways to become leader, leadership tips

5 Ways to Become A Better Leader

Leaders don’t just learn for themselves but also for others. Once you are a leader, you’ve automatically become a role model for your associates, they will look up to you no matter what.

Interview, amazing workplaces

Mantra for Amazing Workplaces

Role clarity, positive work culture, workspace wellness programs, nurturing talent and ensuring benefits for those who perform well are just some of the ways to ensure employee satisfaction and long-term retention.

Interview, amazing workplaces-Amit-Malik-Chief-operations-and-peoples-officer

Employees drive the culture & experience

Employees play a key role in bringing along a wealth of experience and knowledge. You need to provide them an environment to share their learning and experience by providing an external perspective about the best practices implemented in other organizations.

Interview, amazing workplaces-Amit-Malik-Chief-operations-and-peoples-officer

Employee Engagement is an outcome of what we do

We always believe that employee engagement is an not an activity but an outcome, the sum total of whatever we undertake to do. Thus, to engage the workforce, you have to improve engagement in every sphere of what you do and what you are


Employees are People, Not Resources

An organization that cares for their people’s well-being will always support them with possible monetary help, work-flexibility, agreed time-off or atleast a listening ear to their people.

ritu-grover-CEO-the global helpdesk-facility management

Employees are part of a team that is managing the company

Almost 70% of our total cost is incurred on employees. Retaining good employees is critical to a company’s growth and the best way for employee retention is to continuously invest in their training and growth.

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