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iThrive appointed Avinash Deshmukh as Chief Operating Officer



National, April 18, 2023: iThrive, the functional nutrition-based healthcare startup from Pune has announced the appointment of Avinash Deshmukh as their Chief Operating Officer. He has substantial expertise and experience in business strategy planning and managing operations which the 4-year-old startup is betting on.


The more recent part of his work in this industry mainly involved consultancy for oil and gas and lubricant businesses and he has helped multiple startups in these fields to take off.  Avinash has over 25 years of experience primarily in the oil and gas industry and has been at the helm of multiple large projects. He served as the assistant vice president of CIIF Lubricants for 8 years until 2021 before getting involved with iThrive. He has been part of many different oil and gas projects both in India and abroad including an 8-year-long stint in Indian Oil Corporation.


Like many other passionate individuals active in the holistic health space today, Avinash’s foray into the field also began with his own failing health and psychological issues. He met Mugdha in 2019 when she was running health consultations by herself and helping people heal. Avinash was drawn to the idea of working toward and creating something meaningful with iThrive.


Avinash Deshmukh, Chief Operating Officer, iThrive, said, “I’ve been fascinated by the concept of iThrive since the beginning. Building iThrive from scratch has been an immense challenge so far. In the process of scaling iThrive into a global company, I’ve learned a lot about health, nutrition and the overall evolution of human consciousness. Healing may start at the physical level but eventually leads to spiritual evolution and we address all levels at iThrive. It’s a massive opportunity for me, and I look forward to using my 28 years of varied experience to build a vibrating sustainable entity full of healing energy.”


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Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, iThrive, said, “I am very happy and look forward to having Avinash onboard at iThrive. He comes with immense experience in Operations and expertise in bringing structure into fast growing organizations which is going to help us as we scale towards new heights.


Avinash has come a long way in his personal health journey and is a big inspiration to others. From being obese and struggling to perform the most basic physical feats to now being a pro-marathoner! He is an ultra runner and ultra-distance cyclist and is currently preparing for the Ironman triathlon.


He lends his health expertise to the company as well, offering services as a health coach to clients on the side. Avinash is a passionate cook as well, and in his spare time enjoys creating fun and healthy new recipes that are relished by the entire team.


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