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Employees are part of a team that is managing the company

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The key to creating Amazing Workplaces is to treat your employees, just the way you treat your clients.


In our quest to unearth the secret to creating amazing workplaces, our first halt is, The Global Helpdesk, where we met Ritu Kapur Grover, the dynamic CEO of the company.

We chose TGH as our first halt spot, since its India’s leading Facility Management company, catering to almost 400 top MNC’s in India, and to reach that mark, its employees play a strategic role at every stage and in every process, right from management to execution. With over 1200 employees on roll and 1000 employees off roll, keeping employees happy, motivated and focused towards growth is a challenge that Ritu faces with great enthusiasm.


Here’s an excerpt from an engaging and enlightening conversation that we had with Ritu Grover:

What according to you is the role of employees in an organization?

We are a service industry operating in a B2B environment and our employees represent us. Almost 70% of our total cost is incurred on employees. For us, good employees are an important asset as they play a key role in catapulting us towards progress and growth.




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What are the key factors you consider while hiring employees?

While hiring new employees, we always consider 3 parameters as the most important. Firstly, the attitude, secondly, the candidate should be skilled and from a similar background (B2B), thirdly the number of times he has changed his job. The last point is one of the key criterias of our selection process since we invest huge resources in terms of time and money to train employees. Hence, if an employee leaves us in a short span, its a total loss of time and resources.

What according to you are the most important elements to retain employees?

According to me, encouragement, motivation and growth are the key factors for retaining employees. Retaining good employees is critical to a company’s growth and the best way for employee retention is to continuously invest in their training and growth. In our organization, people have grown from junior to very senior positions. I am proud to state that almost 40% of our employees are with us since 5+ to 15+ years.

What measures /activities do you undertake to keep your employees happy and motivated?

Employees spend spending maximum number of hours at work and their happiness fuels their motivation levels. If employees are happy they will stay back and will bring a positive attitude to work everyday. We do not spare efforts to keep employees happy.

Infact, the idea to start concierge services for our corporate clients was born, keeping in mind the fact that inorder to work with a free mind and give their 100% during working hours, employees need to be completely relaxed and happy.

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Service industry is like being posted on the border, where things may change on an hourly basis and there is constant pressure to adapt to new situations. To keep employees motivated and happy in such an environment, we offer them regular rewards. We have an annual R&R programme where we engage all levels of workforce. We engage in 2-4 CSR activities annually. Besides, we always provide appreciation for good work done. We work as a team and stay as a family.

What difference do you observe in Employee behaviour and performance after such an activity?

We observe significant change in Employee behaviour after any kind of team activity and R&R activity, since it boosts the employee morale and increases bonding not just between employees of one branch but also that of other branches, whenever they come to celebrate together.

Basis the following parameters, do you feel that your Organization is an amazing workplace?

  • Let People Be Themselves

Yes, to a considerable extent. We allow people to grow and be themselves by helping them taking initiatives, we allow them the freedom to be decisive, to make mistakes and learn from them.

  • Unleash the Flow of Information

Flow of information is very transparent. We have a weekly concall where all the ASMs and above participate pan India and we share all victories and failures in a transparent manner.

  • Magnify People’s Strengths

We strongly believe in taking care and looking at strengths and train people accordingly.

  • Stand for More than Shareholder Value

When we take interviews we tell candidates that they are coming as a team player in a sport. Every employee is a part of team that is managing the company.

We help people do multi-tasking and role shifting. This way we help them learn and grow, as well as adapt to new roles and situations. It also helps us to identify the core strengths of people.

What do you feel you/your organization should do differently to become an amazing workplace?

I feel I can do much better in providing an amazing workplace. I would love to grow my employees further to help them reach higher levels of success. I would love to be in a position where I can grow my employees to a level where they can take this company to new horizon of success & growth.

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Any suggestions to employers to help their organization become an amazing workplace?

“My suggestion to all employers, treat your employees the way you treat your clients. Give them the same amount of importance and respect. Little gestures like movie tickets or free lunch with the family can help boost employee morale.”




Is your workplace truly amazing? It’s time to find out! Take the Amazing Workplaces® survey and certification – your chance to benchmark your company against top performers, uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses, and embark on a journey to build a workplace that’s the envy of your entire industry. Know more

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