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5 Ways to Become A Better Leader

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A leader is one who must be at the lead to guide and manage their team at full length until the goal is accomplished. The job of a leader is to motivate, decide and achieve the goal along with his team. A leader must know how to motivate and inspire better than anyone else, he shall likewise be an influence for his team. Strong leadership can lead the team and the work to success, however a weak leadership can disturb the team’s potency and productivity.

Every leader has a different perspective and idea of leading their team. However, the basic set of leadership skills ream the same. Leadership involves making favourable and sometimes challenging decisions. In order to make a good leader one must achieve the basic goals.

Listening is the key

Listening is the chief weapon that all leaders know about but fail to understand it. Listening does not mean only to hear out your team but to understand their body language. Their feedback, reactions, behaviour should all matter and put into account. By being noticed and heeded by the leader, the team feels important to the leader and increases their productivity in work. Leaders who listen to their employees are able to create a trustworthy relationship and find success in overall team performance.

Listening to your employees should be one of the priorities. Engage yourself in the conversation by asking further questions and participating in it. Often, leaders mistake to not listen to the emotional aspect his employees are going through, this creates a barrier in between which can be difficult to erase later. Your employee will undoubtedly understand that you care for them once you put down the barriers. Stay focused on what your employee is saying and be respectful to them and become a benevolent leader.

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Encourage Creativity

Employee encouragement is a receptive concept, it puts a direct effect on overall work performance and productivity of the workplace. Employee encouragement from the team leaders or managers has an absolute positive effect on them. Although, it can further be encouraged by letting them work with the approach they think is suitable for them. It doesn’t matter if it is incorrect, the following can be a way to learn from their own mistakes or they would find a new and creative way of doing the task which can be later helpful for the fellow peers.

Compelling your own way of working onto them is not going to help but instead it will create a contrary relationship between. By removing your limits, you will be encouraging their creativity and self-learning power. Sometimes it is better to let them be rather than trying to train them for something you want them to be.

Motivated workplace can achieve more than other workplaces and achieve higher level of outputs. In order to achieve high level performance, leaders need to leave space for employee’s individual creative ideas.

Conceptual Skills

Conceptual thinking involves analysing abstract concepts and situations in order to understand the complete aspect. Conceptual skill involves understanding and visualizing the big picture before the situation has in fact occurred. Familiarizing yourself with the conceptual skill prepares you for the unexpected turn overs at work also puts you on guard for anything unexpected. It consists of thinking innovatively and practically. It involves,

  • Decision Making
  • Analyzation
  • Communication
  • Logical Thinking
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A leader must plan everything from A to Z, he must be prepared for everything that lies ahead also prepare his team for it. Conceptual skills are essential for leadership positions, workplace managers need to make sure that everything is going upright, therefore it is necessary to work on conceptual skills by observing and learning practically along other peers.

Understanding your own strength and weakness

It is important to understand yourself so that you can help your team understand themselves and their skills. A mentor is required to be knowledgeable before mentoring. Self-Awareness is an important aspect of development, learning about your strengths and weaknesses gives you a clear and better picture. Leaders don’t just learn for themselves but also for others. Once you are a leader, you’ve automatically become a role model for your associates, they will look up to you no matter what. Therefore, understanding enhancing your skills is a must for a leader.

A leader should also never seize to learn. They should challenge themselves and gain as much as knowledge they can to develop their team. Be what you want your team to be.

Be an example

As a leader, you need to set the example. Your attitude and problem coping skills should be next-level. Give your team a reason to look up to you. Take responsibility for the accomplishments as well as the mistakes, listen to the team, find answers. A leader must always stand up to face a challenge and encourage his team. By setting yourself as an example, you set a standard in front of your team. You show how the work is done and your team will follow as such.

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A leader should follow his own rules and remain stark no matter what. A leader has too many jobs to do, however he must remove sometime and spend time with his team. Not to forget, communication between the team and the leader improves the bond and makes a better workplace. A great leader should recognize their employees wins also acknowledge and appreciate their efforts when there is a mistake.  Acquire the ability to show respect, care and empathy for your employees.

Being a leader goes a long way, prioritizing is extremely important because of the workload that needs to get done along with handling the team. Being passionate and providing encouragement to the employees is a quality every leader must possess. Leadership conjointly is a relationship between the leader and his team which like every relationship needs understanding and respect between one another in order to become a success.

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