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5 Ways to Support Your Mobile Teams: Keep Your On-The-Go Workforce Thriving

ways to empower your team members who are consistently behind the wheel

The rise of remote work hasn’t negated the need for mobile teams. Sales reps, technicians, and other on-the-go professionals face unique challenges. Learn how to empower them with the right tools, flexible schedules, and support programs for success. This translates to a happier, more productive mobile workforce.

How Workplace Hygiene Impacts Employee Health

Workplace Hygeine

Discover why workplace hygiene is crucial for employee health, morale, and overall business success. Learn about the direct and psychological impacts, implications, and solutions for a cleaner and more productive work environment.

Yoga sessions held at MyShubhLife office

MyShubhLife strongly believes in promoting a stress-free environment for its employees and undertakes several such activities strongly believing that employee well-being is a top priority, and yoga provides a holistic approach to that.

Indira IVF Leaps to Provide Fertility Perks For Indian Corporate Employees


This is one of the first initiatives collaboration taken by an infertility treatment provider to deliver fertility care to corporates in India by increasing access to treatment, and bringing to the fore the importance of incorporating fertility treatments in the country’s healthcare initiatives.

How can you handle employee burnout?


Burnout can manifest in a variety of ways.  It can be accompanied by nervous ailments like a tick.  It could have flare-up as stomach pains or a backache, or an excruciating headache.  It can also be accompanied by the inability to concentrate, follow conversations, and explain one’s self.

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