Kristal.AI launches Mental Health Week to promote mental well-being



Kristal.AI, a private wealth advisory and investment management platform, has launched Mental Health week leading up to the World Mental Health Day on October 10, to promote the overall well-being of employees of Kristal.AI.


Kristal.AI’s five-day mental wellness week includes one activity per day for both emotional and physical wellness. The activities are aligned to celebrate the work of its people and connect with the teams to promote a healthy work culture.


To encourage the people of Kristal.AI to take care of their mental health, Kristal.AI has also announced complementary therapy sessions for the whole organization for the week. This will help in clearing the stigma associated with therapy, especially as the world struggles to cope with the after-effects of the pandemic. To continue the engagement beyond this week, a certified and qualified mental health expert will be empaneled to provide easy access to mental wellness resources at affordable prices.


Commenting on Kristal.AI’s focus on mental well-being, Mr. Asheesh Chanda, Founder and CEO, said, “Only a calm mind can offer balanced advice to clients. When clients call and share their anxiety around markets, a calm response from the advisor is assuring and helps make rational investing decisions. Mental wellness is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have to succeed in our business.”


Kristal.AI has around 170+ employees across  India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. This cohort is a diverse, multi-cultural group that advises affluent investors in 20+ countries on their global investments.


On this occasion, Ms. Mubarak Begum HR, Head – Kristal.AI, said, “Nurturing human resources is not possible without taking into account their mental health. We believe a healthy mind is an innovative mind. Since constant innovation is central to our success, we are taking conscious steps to ensure mental wellness of our employees.”


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Mental Health Week Calendar


Day Significance Activity
Monday Appreciation Day Employees leave words of encouragement for their colleagues anonymously as a positive reinforcement for an individual
Tuesday Fitness Day Zumba class to re-energise teams with a live session by a well-known fitness coach
Wednesday Hobby Day & Zero Meeting Hour Two-hour of zero zoom calls across the company and one hour on the calendar for every employee to allow them to do something which de-stresses them or rejuvenates them
Thursday Wellness Day Mental wellness session for all employees across India, Singapore, HK & UAE to be conducted by a well-known mental wellness coach
Friday Healthy Food Day The HR team will order healthy meals for its employees and get them delivered to their respective locations



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