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On International Yoga Day Supporting Employee Wellness Globally: Vantage Circle announces complimentary Yoga Sessions for its employees



To Foster Well-being in the Workplace, the company has initiated these sessions free of cost, so that it can indulge maximum participation


New Delhi, India, 21st June 2023: In celebration of International Yoga Day, Vantage Circle, a global SaaS platform, hosted an online desk Yoga Session for the employees by an experienced and certified yoga instructor. Additionally, Vantage Circle is also been providing complementary live yoga sessions for its employees since the last two months in the office premises.


The initiative aims to promote employee well-being and foster a healthy work environment for the holistic development of employees. The company firmly believes that integrating yoga into the workplace can foster a more harmonious and productive work environment.


The live Yoga Sessions cover a wide range of postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, catering to employees of all fitness levels. In addition to the incorporation of the practice of yoga in the workplace, Vantage Fit, one of the products of Vantage Circle, is also playing a crucial role in supporting employees through its wellness programs, by enhancing productivity and overall employee experience.


According to Anjan Pathak, CTO and Co-Founder of Vantage Circle, Yoga is a powerful practice that promotes physical fitness, mental clarity, and overall wellness. We are thrilled to provide our employees with complimentary yoga sessions as part of our commitment to their well-being. We firmly believe that a healthy workforce is the foundation of a successful organization. We hope to enhance their overall happiness, productivity, and job satisfaction by providing them with this opportunity to prioritize their well-being. We are committed to promoting employee well-being and will continue to invest in initiatives that contribute to a healthy and thriving workplace.”


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