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5 Tips for HR To Throw An Amazing Party for The Employees

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As an HR professional, you can do much more for employees than assure they are performing well at work. A wholesome office culture focuses on worker wellness and happiness by providing them chances to let loose and have fun. Therefore, try dedicating some time from your busy schedule to throw a fun party at the right time for those who work with you. Employees only have a good time when you cover all the essential basics, such as ensuring good music, picking an appealing theme, and arranging a top-notch catering service. So, how do you become an overnight party planner from an HR rep? Here’s what you need to do.


  • Look For The Right Venue

Before going for entertainment and decoration, you need an appropriate venue to carry out your vision. Carrying out an event in the same office where you work can be unsavory. The space cannot accommodate a large-scale event without disrupting the workplace setting. At the same time, you cannot splurge by going overboard and renting out an expensive party venue, which can dent the company’s overall budget.


As an HR professional, recklessly spending an office’s funds doesn’t reflect well on you, so you need to find a reasonably priced spot. Fortunately, several places can offer you an event venue for rent that is both spacious and cost-effective to have your party; you just have to do your research well. The right infrastructure will add to the ambiance and make employees feel more at ease. These rental spaces can also arrange catering and an expert bartender, saving you the trouble of looking for vendors.

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  • Arrange for Good Music

Office parties are a good time for employees to let down their hair and relish their time outside of work. So, you cannot skip out on picking a playlist that will make the event lively. Music controls the mood and atmosphere of any party. If you choose only slow songs suitable for waltzing, your function may be too formal, while just blasting fast-paced music can create chaos.


Your best bet is hiring a well-reputed DJ who knows how to blend songs that are a mixture of timeless classics and modern beats. As a result, office employees will get excited listening to the music they grew up listening to and trying their luck dancing to the latest trending albums. You should also ensure ample time for everyone to use the dance floor. It takes time to work up the courage to get up and start moving.


  • Pay Attention To The Food

No party is complete without food that fulfills your stomach or heart. After all that dancing, employees may want to unwind with a delicious meal. Depending on the party you arrange, you will have to choose between serving hearty meals or sticking with light finger food. It would help if you did not go for unpopular yet high-end items. While these are culinary delicacies, not everyone on your guest list may find them delicious.


So, try to stick to things you know employees enjoy. When you are writing up a menu, consult the files of the surrounding workers to make a note of any allergens and restrictions. The last thing you would want is someone going into an anaphylactic shock because you are not careful. Simultaneously, account for any religious limits which may prevent a worker from eating. A good menu has a collection of items that have meat options, vegan food choices, vegetarian items, and the use of gluten-free ingredients.

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  • Control The Amount of Alcohol

Employees may want to indulge in alcohol as they mingle with each other. The only trouble is, if you are not careful with the amount you allow and the brands you serve, you may have to deal with an aftermath of extremely intoxicated workers. So, make sure you take certain precautions. These include hiring a licensed bartender who knows how to whip up excellent drinks and stops over-serving the same employee.


You should limit the amount the company provides. While everyone enjoys an open bar, maintaining the reputation and integrity of the organization you represent is also essential. The effects of alcohol are also dimmed by having the right amounts of snacks, so make sure employees have something to nibble on as they drink. Finally, arrange for shared transport and shuttle to prevent employees from a DUI.


  • Respect All Your Guests

Give employees the space to bring guests, no matter who they are. It would help if you did not try to control your guests by specifying who is allowed to attend as a plus one. So, whether workers bring in their spouse, partner, or a date for the night, let them have fun. As an HR representative, don’t linger around employees but engage them and their plus ones in light-hearted conversations. Ensure you divide your time in ensuring everyone feels welcomed, share small conversations and avoid work-related anecdotes.



Final Thoughts

Throwing a party as an HR professional is about keeping a good balance between maintaining your company’s integrity and ensuring that employees get a chance to relax. Therefore, to ensure everyone has a great time being around each other, there are specific tips you can follow.

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Once you have a place in mind, work on creating a vibrant atmosphere by curating a well-thought-out playlist, or let the DJ handle it for you. When it comes to food, you may need to do your research and come up with an exclusive menu that is mindful of employees’ dietary needs. Finally, always make your guests feel welcomed without intruding in their space and minding your position as an HR worker.



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