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Tagbin Prioritizes Employee Growth and Well-being with Holistic Development Initiatives



New Delhi, 30th June 2023 : Tagbin, a tech-experiential company, has taken significant steps towards prioritizing employee well-being and mental health through its HR-driven initiatives. In this endeavor, Tagbin has partnered with Jumping Minds, a deep tech Mental Health and Wellness community, to create a nurturing work environment where employees can freely express their ideas and thoughts. Regular sessions are held to facilitate open discussions, allowing employees to find solace and share their thoughts with ease.


Under this partnership, employees of Tagbin will have access to a chatbot that is available around the clock to hear and respond to the issues communicated to it. They will also have sessions with mental health specialists to make them aware of the importance of having peace of mind to enhance the quality of living. Additionally, the platform will offer structured reports and insights to help understand the top challenges that the employees face, and what their feedback is.


The primary objective of these efforts is to minimize job burnout and elevate the happiness index within Tagbin. By doing so, the company anticipates a significant increase in employee retention rates and a substantial boost in productivity levels. Moreover, these initiatives will empower employees to engage in activities that foster skill development, team cohesion, stress management, emotional intelligence, leadership growth, and various other essential aspects necessary for a resilient and thriving workforce.


Sharing his thoughts on the same, Ankit Sinha, Co-Founder and CTO of Tagbin stated, “At Tagbin, we firmly believe in fostering an inclusive work culture that goes beyond just productivity and profitability. We recognize that our employees are the heart of our organization, and their well-being is of utmost importance to us. Knowing that mental health is as vital as physical health, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for it. By investing in employee welfare and harboring a culture of care, we envision creating an environment where individuals flourish, creativity thrives, and innovation blossoms.”


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In order to nurture the personal and professional growth of individuals and enable them to achieve their full potential, Tagbin has also implemented many upskilling  programs for its employees. Additionally, the team at Tagbin organizes reading circles and fitness meetings, exemplifying how individuals within the workplace can prioritize their own skills and passions while inspiring and motivating others to do the same. This collaborative environment nurtures a culture of continuous improvement, empowering employees to explore their interests and enhance their overall well-being.


Adding to the work environment, Wani Thakur, HR Manager of Tagbin, says, “We prioritize the well-being of our employees as a cornerstone of our philosophies. By nurturing a supportive environment, we empower our employees to thrive both personally and professionally. This way, we have worked to build a workplace that celebrates diversity, embraces well-being, and inspires continuous growth.”


Tagbin’s unwavering dedication to its employees is evident in its commitment to prioritize mental health and professional development. By implementing a wide range of empowering programs, Tagbin actively promotes the growth and well-being of its workforce, which is undeniably its most valuable asset.


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