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Yoga sessions held at MyShubhLife office



Bangalore, 22nd June 2023: MyShubhLife hosted renowned yoga professionals to celebrate World Yoga Day 2023. An Office Yoga session was conducted with Ms. Ratnam Singh and Mr Aditya Dhaka who shared their expertise in basic yoga poses, sequence of simple exercises at work and the importance of breathing asanas in day-to-day life. The event overall focussed on employee mental & physical health, reducing employee stress, enhancing focus and boosting energy levels among the employees.


MyShubhLife strongly believes in promoting a stress-free environment for its employees and undertakes several such activities strongly believing that employee well-being is a top priority, and yoga provides a holistic approach to that. Overall, this event organized by MyShubhLife shared emphasis on the importance of employee wellness and highlighted the company’s efforts to create a supportive and nurturing workplace culture.


MyShubhLife has a team of 180+ employees, at Pan-India level. MyShubhLife has established employee activity clubs to encourage physical fitness and camaraderie among colleagues. Monthly walks/runs, group zumba, walkathon challenge and ongoing group activities help foster a sense of community, while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.


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