How do Co-working Offices Help Improve the Work-Life Balance of Employees?

Aditya Verma

Aditya Verma

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CoWorking Spaces Help Improve Work-Life BalancAmazing-Workplaces


For some people, work finishes at the end of the workday – they leave the desk, attend to their matters, and go ahead enjoying the little pleasures of life. However, for a good majority of people, office work extends to after-office hours and weekends. They have neither any idea nor any control over where their professional life ends and personal life begins. 

Lack of work-life balance is not as simple an issue as you think. It can lead to lack of productivity, severe burnout, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and the list goes on. No wonder, it tops the list of criteria that employees consider while choosing employers, says the 2021 edition of the Global Workplace Report.

Unfortunately, traditional offices and the work-from-home model are not conducive to the work-life balance of employees. Shared offices, on the other hand, can make a huge difference in this regard. Let’s find out how you can find a balance between work and life in coworking office spaces.


Flexibility, Flexibility, and Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main factors that help employees balance their professional and personal lives. Many studies suggests that the ability to work at the time of their convenience and a place of their preference increases employee satisfaction and reduces their stress levels.

One of the key advantages of coworking office spaces is that they facilitate flexible work arrangements. Employees working out of a shared office enjoy better control over their workday. For instance, they can start early or work late, depending on their most productive work hours and schedules. All major coworking office providers offer flexi plans that allow members to make the most of flexible work hours.

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Productive Work Environment

There is indeed a strong connection between your work environment and work-life balance. When you work from an office or home office that is not equipped with all the required facilities, you are unable to finish your tasks. Unfinished tasks pile up, which eventually eat into your personal time and weekends and sabotage your work-life balance.

It’s easier to maintain a work-life balance at coworking spaces due to the gamut of facilities and the distraction-free work environment. Shared offices have everything you need to enhance productivity, from well-equipped desks to ergonomic furniture to designated meeting rooms, recreation areas, community spaces, and cafeterias. As a result, you get more things done, which leaves you with more time for your personal life.


Reduced Commute Time

While working from traditional offices, you spend hours and hours every week traveling to and from the office. Add to that the awful traffic in metro cities and crowded buses and trains, and you are fully drained out by the end of the day. No time for exercise. No time to spend with family or friends. No extra time to watch the latest Netflix release.

Reduced commute time is another one of the coworking benefits for employees. Neighbourhood Coworking operators have multiple offices spread across the city so you can choose one that’s closest to where you stay. It significantly reduces the time spent on commuting, allowing you to spend more hours on things other than work. What’s more, you can #walktowork, so you get your daily dose of exercise too.

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Organized Work Life

The inability to stay organized is another major disruptor of your work-life balance. Juggling the multiple roles and responsibilities is not easy – agreed.  That said, if you are not organized or don’t develop a routine, it affects everything from the quality of your work to your time management abilities. Either you work for hours, or you end up taking more breaks than you need – both are detrimental to maintaining a work-life balance.

Achieving work-life balance through coworking spaces is the best solution to this challenge. It’s easier to develop a routine and manage time while working from a shared office. You can plan your day ahead, use the facilities offered by shared offices to maximize focus, and enjoy the benefits of dedicated work areas and quiet corners. All these factors enable you to have an organized work life, which, in turn, increases the quality of your personal life too.


The Motivation Factor

Motivation is another crucial factor that affects your work-life balance. When you are motivated, your productivity also increases by several notches. It helps allocate personal and professional lives the time each requires. However, it is not easy to always stay motivated while working from home or in traditional office spaces, especially when you are a freelancer or entrepreneur.

You can enjoy a better balance between work and life in coworking office spaces due to their community-inspired structure and nature. You are surrounded by a community of like-minded people and get opportunities to meet and network with mentors. In other words, support is handy when you need it. All these enable you to remain focused on your goals, helping strike a balance between your personal and professional lives.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to maintaining the work-life balance of employees, the advantages of coworking office spaces are many. From the design and the layout of the office to the community it houses to the amenities it provides, every aspect of coworking contributes to the much-needed balance.


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