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5 tips on how to improve mental health in the workplace

Are you asking yourself how to improve mental health in the workplace and prevent mental illness or mental health issues that can affect your employee’s life and job satisfaction? Here are 5 tips on how to improve mental health in the workplace.

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How To Make Employees Feel Comfortable Juggling A Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid working is a great way to ensure your employees retain the freedom and comfort of working at home while offering the structure and collaboration of in-office work. But, some employees feel uncertain about how to manage a hybrid workspace and how to access in-office resources when mainly working remotely

Healthy Workplaces for Healthier People

GBCI India and Saint Gobain Research India conducted a joint research study to assess the indoor environment in Indian workspaces and the impact it has on the occupants.


8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Office Experience

Ensuring positive employee experience motivates your people to get their job done. Meanwhile, their productivity can also benefit your company. That’s because higher productivity means you are able to serve more clients, which can impact your bottom line.

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315Work Avenue signs up 300 seats with Operative at Pune

315Work Avenue currently manages around 20,000 seats spread over 1 million sqft office space across 20 centres located in prime business hubs in Bengaluru, Mumbai & Pune. The company also plans to add another 5 lakh sqft office space over a period of six months.

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315Work Avenue signs deal for 700-seat workspace in Bangalore

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of de-densification of office space and adoption of hub and spoke model. Hence there has been a surge in flexible space options and increased focus on hybrid working models by large enterprises and multinationals.


Shifting Needs and Preferences of The Indian Workforce : Survey Report

The Office Pass(TOP), one of the largest home-grown Neighbourhood Coworking space providers conducted a survey titled “Workplace preference post covid”, to provide an insight into the changing needs and preferences of the Indian workforce post the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown.

7 hybrid work trends every leader should know

7 hybrid work trends every leader should know

The pandemic crisis has resulted in a significant shift in the ways of working, necessitating business leaders to adapt to the ‘Blended’ or ‘Hybrid’ model. Some also term this as the ‘Flexible’ working. Well, this concept evolved as a result of some employees  working from the office and a majority working remotely.

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The Circle.Work: A Circle of Success for Startups

The Circle.Work is more than just a standalone co-work space. It was conceptualised out of the need for a collaborative environment for Hunch Venture’s portfolio businesses.


Why Choose WeWork Co-Working Spaces

WeWork provides innovative workplace solutions for any type of member organisation, regardless of company size, maturity, or space needs. At WeWork, the spaces are designed keeping the community at their core.

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5 Reasons Why Companies Need to Focus on Workspace Design

Companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Google pay great attention to creating an employee-friendly environment. They understand that their employees enjoy working in the ‘fun’ interiors, and that it leads to increased productivity levels . Guest Author : Ratul Ghosh

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