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Design Thinking for HR – Master Certification


Through this course, participants will learn a pragmatic approach that is both a system for inducing creativity and innovation and a framework for solving complex business HR problems. The course would help apply these principles to create service solutions that delight users.

Managing Conflict (Online Workshop)


This program is ideal for corporates who want to foster maximum cohesiveness among their teams. Human beings because of the sheer variety that they have in terms of thoughts, feelings , approaches, personality traits and their individual unique experiences are bound to on occasion have conflict.

Managing Change (Online Workshop)

Managing Change -online-courses-trainings-online-workshop-corporate-training-workshop-amazing-workplaces

This program is ideal for corporates looking at equipping their employees on how to manage the process of change. And in the year 2020 and thereafter, it is almost rhetorical to wonder whether a program like this is essential.

POSH Gender Sensitization Corporate Workshop


An educational corporate workshop for everyone on inclusivity and diversity; it helps promote and implement a welcoming culture in organisations while also educating about the various evolving laws for women protection and the LGBTQI+ community.

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