POSH- Exhaustive Training for Internal Committee

POSH- Exhaustive Training for Internal Commitee -online-courses-trainings-online-workshop-corporate-training-workshop-amazing-workplaces



An exhaustive workshop on how to conduct an inquiry and redressal of complaints made under the POSH Act as per the
law and recent judgments.


What this workshop includes

  • Background
  • Prevention & Prohibition of Sexual Harassment
  • Internal Committee- Role & Responsibility
  • Inquiry Process- How to conductan inquiry
  • Conclusion of an inquiry
  • Annual Reports
  • Activities for engagement


Key Takeaways:

  • An in-depth understanding of what is sexual harassment
  • Understanding how to conduct inquiry under the POSH Act as per the
  • Insights and updates on latest practices and judgments in the field


Duration4 – 6 hrs
Ideal Batch Size4 – 10 participants
Target AudienceInternal Committee Members
CostingOn request


For more details please mail us at:

  • Trainings@amazingworkplaces.co
  • trainings.amazingworkplaces@gmail.com


Or call at: 93119 11625




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