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“I Celebrate Me”, A Self Discovery Workshop For Women

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Every woman is special. But she often starts to feel otherwise about herself. She stops caring about her own needs, desires and emotions, often draining out the very cup that is the source of nourishment to her family, friends, colleagues and the society.

On this International Women’s Day, Amazing Workplaces in association with Svadhyaya have designed an exclusive workshop for women, “I CELEBRATE ME”, to help them connect with their physical, emotional and relational dimensions of the self.

We invite organizations to give this very special gift to their women employees! A gesture to show that they really celebrate diversity in their organization!


Workshop objective:

This workshop is ideal for corporates who want to help their women employees reconnect with themselves. This is a great workshop for employee engagement in the women diversity category and can help organizations show their women employees that they truly are concerned about their well being.

What it includes:
  • Awareness and acknowledgement of the areas of the body that signify strength and vulnerability for women
  • Guided movement practice of connecting with one’s physical body with awareness
  • Conversations about how to stay better connected with the physical self and caring for it
  • Understand specific factors and vulnerabilities that underlie women’s mental health, and explore the biological basis of emotional wellbeing
  • Provide specific pointers based on research and facilitate intention setting for women participants on how they can carry forward learnings from the workshop
  • Exploration of various roles one plays in life – specific questions around it/explore through art/drama-therapy based activity
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Key Takeaways:
  • This workshop will help participants understand their physical, emotional and relational dimensions of the self.
  • Learn to accept vulnerabilities
  • Relax and rejuvenate
  • Understand and learn techniques to re-energize oneself to be used in the future
Meet Bhargavi & Madhuri, the facilitators!!

Bhargavi RamanBhargavi Raman

Expressive Arts Practitioner, Facilitator, NLP Coach

B.A., LL. B. (Hons), NLSIU

Bhargavi is an experiential learning facilitator,  arts practitioner and personal coach. She works with adults, adolescents, teams and organisations through mindfulness, compassion, expressive arts and play. She is currently in training to be an Expressive Arts Therapist (SMART, Bangalore) and an Animist practitioner (Sagh’ic Animist Community).

She has been immersed in body-based practices such as contemporary movement, performance-making, Fitzmaurice Voicework and Kalarippayat.  Her ongoing training in Carnatic vocals and regular practice of Vipassana, keep her grounded in daily arts and mindfulness practice. Over the years, coming back and staying in the present, has become her purpose and pursuit.

Madhuri Narayan

Madhuri Narayan

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

M.Sc., M.Phil in Clin. Psychology (NIMHANS)

Madhuri is a licenced clinical psychologist and psychotherapist trained at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences. She has worked with a variety of mental illnesses for psychotherapy and assessment. Her areas of specialisation lie in common mental disorders (depression and anxiety spectrum), personality disorders, lifestyle/adjustment difficulties, grief and trauma related work. She uses modalities such as CBT, DBT, MBCT, and ACT.

She is a certified yoga instructor and through her own practise of yin and vinyasa forms of yoga, she works with breath, stillness and movement in the body. She is a practitioner of Vipassana and other types of meditation, and continuously explores different forms of creative expression and movement for her inner work

Duration3 hrs
Ideal Batch Size30 participants
Target AudienceWomen employees across functions
CostingOn request
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