POSH Gender Sensitization Corporate Workshop




An educational corporate workshop for everyone on inclusivity and diversity; it helps promote and implement a welcoming culture in organisations while also educating about the various evolving laws for women protection and the LGBTQI+ community.


What this workshop includes

  • Background
  • Gender Issues
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Transgender laws and inclusivity
  • Internal Committee
  • Destigmatizing
  • Policy Setting
  • Impacts of discrimination
  • Internal Committee
  • Activities for engagement


Key Takeaways:

  • De-stigmatization of gender issues
  • How to welcome change and foster an inclusive workplace culture
  • Raising awareness on developing gender laws.


Duration2 – 3 hrs
Ideal Batch Size10 – 200 participants
Target AudienceEmployees, Senior Management
CostingOn request


For more details please mail us at:

  • Trainings@amazingworkplaces.co
  • trainings.amazingworkplaces@gmail.com


Or call at: 93119 11625



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