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Balanced Scorecard professional


Course objective:

The program is designed around practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and time for participants to practice what they learn with support from experts.

Program takeaways :

Participants will learn how to-

  • Articulate the six steps needed to build a scorecard system and the three steps needed to implement these
  • Explain the evolution of measurement and strategic management systems
  • Identify reasons for adopting a balanced scorecard system
  • Anticipate challenges that need to be overcome
  • Contrast the differences and similarities in scorecard systems for different organizations
  • Utilize an organization assessment to set vision, mission and strategy
  • Define strategic themes and results
  • Develop Strategic Objectives and a Strategy Map
  • Define performance measures, targets and thresholds
  • Developing Initiatives and a prioritization plan
  • Identify and understand the three implementation steps of Automation, Cascading and Evaluation
  • Use software to communicate performance information
  • Cascade the scorecard throughout the organization
  • Using scorecard information to improve performance
  • Overcome the challenges of integrating balanced scorecard systems with other enterprise-wide systems
  • Apply the BSC to an organization’s needs making it

Duration: Total 9 hrs., (3hrs. per day x 3 days)
Target Audience: CXOs of startups, Department Heads responsible for Org Goal setting
Costing: INR 7800 per person plus GST
Certificate: E- certificate Included

For more details please contact us at:
Or call at: 93119 11625

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