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Posts from November 24, 2020


Managing Conflict (Online Workshop)

This program is ideal for corporates who want to foster maximum cohesiveness among their teams. Human beings because of the sheer variety that they have in terms of thoughts, feelings , approaches, personality traits and their individual unique experiences are bound to on occasion have conflict.

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Managing Change (Online Workshop)

This program is ideal for corporates looking at equipping their employees on how to manage the process of change. And in the year 2020 and thereafter, it is almost rhetorical to wonder whether a program like this is essential.


Influencing & Negotiation Workshop

This program is ideal for corporates who want to build this very relevant skill in the era of cross functional collaborations and matrix reporting or working across boundaries and cultures.


Managing Teams, in the New Era

Course objective: This program is ideal for corporate managers who have handled teams for 3 to 5 years atleast and now wish their leadership skills


Implementing NLP At The Workplace

Course objective: This program is perfect for key personnel of any corporate to simply up their game in all areas of their life. That way,


Problem Solving & Decision Making

Course objective: This program is ideal for understanding in depth the one word that plagues everybody- Problems.(problems related to costings/objections from customers/markets to penetrate/cross cultural


Balanced Scorecard professional

Course objective: The program is designed around practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and time for participants to practice what they learn with support


Critical Thinking/Creativity & Innovation

Course objective: This program is ideal for strategic roles to enable changes in the thinking, being and doing approach for corporates. The statement “Think out

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