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Virtual job interviews are the new normal. So how do prepare for your first virtual job interview?

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Virtual Job Interview

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What is a virtual interview?

Interviews which do not require you to move from your location to any place else. These are basically done over the Phone or Computer, using technologies like Video Conferencing and similar facilities. It is conducted pretty much in the same way as a face to face interview.

When it comes to virtual interviews, one has to be very careful of everything starting from the surroundings (the background, a well lit room or spot, a quiet space) to one’s body language and presentation. In case of virtual job interviews, the only criteria for the interviewer to judge the candidates is also only limited to what he sees on the screen, so it must be the best. There are some very important things that, if one understands and keeps in mind, it might as well prove to be of great help:


Taking care of one’s Attire

It is not only important to take care of your appearance when going for a face to face interview, but also to consider being presentable when it comes to online interviews. It leaves a great impression of you in the interviewer’s mind.


Technology test beforehand

Before starting the process, it is crucial to make sure whether there is internet connectivity, a functioning camera and microphone, whether you have the required software and if it works properly or not. Testing these in advance helps one overcome any issues, if there were any.


Choosing the right space

Another very important decision is what kind of space to be seated in. Choosing a spot/room with no distractions, is well lit, and is decent looking has a good impact because the process can then be carried out smoothly. If living alone, distractions are not a question, but if you share your space with someone  else, it is for the best if you ask them to support you in this time.

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Be prepared

Before any interview or any professional engagement of such kind, it is best to put time in preparation beforehand and make sure that you are ready for what might be asked.

It does not only help you with knowing what possibly could be questioned but also gives you some confidence.

It includes:

  • Do a Research on the company before appearing.
  • In advance, decide how you wish to answer any questions that will be asked. Not all questions can be easily answered based on previous examples.
  • Review all the specifics of the position you are applying for.


Body Language

This is yet one of the most difficult things because it is easy to carry yourself a certain way and create an impression when the other person is physically present but in an online meeting, as already mentioned, these are the only criterias for the interviewer and they would only judge what they see on the screens. It is to be kept in mind that you have to carry yourself gracefully and professionally when giving an interview virtually.


Establishing a Rapport

It is important to set yourself apart from other candidates when appearing for an interview. When meeting in person, one can do so by initiating a small and mindful conversation, a handshake probably, body language, certain gestures, etc and can establish a good connection with the interviewer.

But one has to still find some way to leave an impact on their mind, which can be done by understanding the other person’s mind and talking to them about the common interests that you share or by sharing some experience and asking them about their experiences. This shows your confidence, social and communication skills and sets you apart.

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Showing the interviewer what you bring to the table and how hiring you is beneficial for them by expressing and speaking your mind. Along with talking, also try using various gestures and use your body language, confidence and expressions to assure them how you will be contributing to the organization.


After Interview  essentials

It is important that after the interview is done one plans a follow up well in time (24 hours). The follow up can be with the interviewers or the HR, thanking them and making them aware of your availability in case of any further discussions that are to be scheduled.


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