8 highly effective interview tips for cracking an online job interview

Katherine Ernst Mehta

Katherine Ernst Mehta

Katherine Ernst Mehta is the CEO and Founder of Edvanta Consulting, where she works with international high school students across India, Singapore, Indonesia and the UK to help them navigate the US undergraduate admission process, and gain admission to their best fit colleges.


No matter the number of interviews you sit through, it always is a nerve-wracking and somewhat jostling experience. All that anticipation and panic can get the better of you if you haven’t prepared well in advance. And given the current scenario and the virtual scheme of things, it can get all the more daunting to sit through interviews in front of nothing but a computer screen.


Technological challenges, unpreparedness on virtual conduct, and the loss of personal presence are some of the challenges that candidates are currently facing with the onset of the ‘new normal’ and the boom of online interviews. Although face-to-face interviews and virtual rounds entail more or less the same procedure, the lack of technological know-how, the fear of internet downtime, and more are making interviewees more and more nervous.


With virtual interviews set to become the new trend, how exactly does one learn the art of mastering them? While there are several tricks to online interviews, we’ve listed for you the sure-shot and the most important hacks of them all. Read on to know the top seven tips that will help you bag your dream job and ace virtual interviews with ease:


Practice well in advance: There’s no shortcut to this, is there? Not going in prepared for a job interview could spell doom from the start. To avoid this, read up on the questions that the interviewer can ask and practice your answers well in advance. Typically, your response should cater to the information that the interviewer is looking for. In addition to rehearsing the best answers, make sure to emphasize on your key skills and back them up with concrete examples that preferably reflect in your resume. Also, remember that to answer well, it is important to listen well. Hear the queries of the interviewer intently and craft your responses accordingly. In addition to this, do a mock test before the actual interview to ensure that your audio, video, and internet connection are aligned and go to go.

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Keep your selling points in mind: Go into the interview with three to five selling points in mind. The idea is to convince the employer that you are indeed the best candidate for the job. Further, have an example ready for each selling point that draws from your actual and quantifiable experience (personal or professional). If the interviewer doesn’t know what you can bring to the table, the chances are that you will end up becoming just one of the many candidates applying for the job. It is thus key to sell yourself and to do it well, especially in the case of virtual interviews where the lack of personal touch could already be a roadblock.


Research about the company: Being asked ‘Why would you like to join us?’ in job interviews is extremely common. Instead of retorting back with the same old textbook answers, have a unique and data-backed response ready instead. However, to do this, you should be aware of the organization, its vision and mission, and its key achievements. Go through the company’s website and learn about its core members and culture before the interview. This will help you tie your own skills and background with that of the company and eventually cast a good impression on the employer. In addition to it, since you will be sitting across a screen, your presentation skills are likely going to be analyzed as well. After researching about the company, make sure you spend some time on structuring all the information and preparing it well and in a time-bound manner.


Stay relaxed: We understand that this is easier said than done. However, to ace the interview, it is essential to put your best foot forward. A frenzied mind reflects on the face. At the same time, being overly nervous could lead you to fumble and forget most of what you know. Avoid this by meditating or sitting quietly for a few minutes before the interview. Traditional methods such as deep breathing, counting numbers, or listening to soothing music can also help you calm the jitters. It is proven that body language takes precedence in online interviews as the interviewer is more focused on your facial expressions and gestures. It is therefore important to stay relaxed and confident throughout the online interview process.

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Arrive on time: Instances of candidates arriving late for online job interviews are not unheard of. Doing so, however, could be your biggest folly. Arriving late to a job interview could mean starting off on a wrong note with the employer. It automatically meddles with your first impression and can lead you to lose brownie points. Whether it’s a physical or virtual interview, always arrive on time. In fact, it is advisable to reach early to get comfortable with the setting before the interview begins. In the case of online interviews, this will give you the time to test your device and internet connection and avoid the chances of countering a technological hassle midway through.


Ask questions: Employers love curiosity. Show your intent to learn more about the job as well as the company. Spread out your questions throughout the interview and express your interest as much as possible. However, make sure to ask the right questions. Some of the generic queries you can put up before the employer are – “What role will this position play in meeting the company goals?” or “What are the obstacles that can come up in the position, and what are the success parameters involved?” Since virtual conversations are often lackluster, keeping the session interactive, and two-way will help you leave a lasting impression on the interviewer’s mind.


Dress well and maintain good body language: Your appearance plays a big role in online job interviews. Although your knowledge and skills are of paramount importance, dressing well can surely help you gain brownie points and cast a good impression. Wear comfortable formals and avoid loud colors. Similarly, maintain a good posture and sit erect. Ensure eye contact with the interviewer throughout and listen to him or her intently. Don’t interrupt them while they are speaking and try to avoid fumbling or repeating the same information over and over.

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Thank the interviewer: According to a Robert Half survey, 80% of the hiring managers agreed that a thank you after an interview was helpful in the selection process. Once you have gone through the interview, don’t forget to drop in a thank you note to the employer within 24 to 48 hours, either via email or text message. This is especially relevant in the case of online interviews wherein you do not have the opportunity to shake hands with the interviewer or thank them personally. Keep your note concise and jot down your contact details in it. It may also be worth noting down the link to your LinkedIn profile along with it. Further, don’t forget to ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear from them and if it would be okay to follow up with them.

Online Job Interviews are daunting for more reasons than one. But with the help of these handy tips, you can bring in your best game and thereby increase your chances of being selected.


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