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Mastering the Art of Virtual Interviews

Mastering the Art Of Virtual Interviews

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The pandemic may come and go in waves, but life has to go on for all of us. We can’t let social distancing and restrictions put an end to our jobs and livelihoods. And to acquire those jobs, it has become essential for recruiters and candidates to perfect the art of conducting virtual interviews.


Virtual Interviews: The New Norm For Recruitment


Since the pandemic broke out, 86% of recruiters have relied on virtual interviews to kick start their hiring processes. Gone are the days when candidates woke up at ungodly hours to catch the first train, bus or taxi to the interview venue. Today, in the post-Covid era, things are done differently. Candidates choose a quiet corner or room and connect with their recruiters via phone, video conferencing, and other online communication platforms. Once they are connected, everything else is conducted pretty much like a direct interview.


If direct interviews for Tech USA jobs are nerve-wracking, virtual interviews aren’t any easy either. The pressure is the same for the interviewer and interviewee. They may likely face challenges such as:


  • Background noises
  • Technology failure
  • Legal issues
  • Online connection troubles
  • Difficulty in reading non-verbal cues
  • Lack of direct induction to the team


However, virtual interviews are more advantageous, and they are steadily gaining popularity because they:


  • Help save time, money and energy
  • Ease scheduling conflicts
  • Widen the talent pool
  • Eliminate the need for formal space
  • Eliminate long-distance travels
  • Make it easy to reschedule if necessary
  • Eliminate discrimination
  • Create a diverse workforce


You may find hundreds of articles offering tips to prepare you for an interview. But what about a virtual interview? Our article lists eight successful tips to make your virtual interview a big success. So, let’s get going!

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8 Proven Methods To Gear Up For Your Virtual Interview


Be professionally dressed


In a virtual interview, you are expected to dress formally as you would for a traditional interview. Remember that this is a job interview and not a casual tête-à-tête. Therefore, it is only fair that both the interviewer and interviewee wear proper attire that gives it a professional touch. Wearing formal attire will also make you feel more confident and well-prepared. So, no matter where you are, keep your formals ready, right from your tie to your socks and shoes.


Curb all distractions


If you don’t have a dedicated office space, try to clear out a corner of your room or hall to give you complete privacy during the interview. Choose a clean, professional-looking space that’s devoid of clutter and other distracting objects. You can also tune out all other distractions such as:


  • Notifications from online services
  • Browsers with auto-play videos
  • Messaging services with blaring tunes


If you have children at home, keep them well-informed about the importance of the interview and arrange for someone to supervise them until your interview is over.


Use professional body language


The use of professional body language is essential when conducting interviews via video or phone, as the medium has its limitations. You can’t shake your recruiter’s hand or show enthusiasm via video. Nevertheless, you can focus on the way you communicate with your body language. Set the camera at your eye level, sit up straight, and maintain proper eye contact to establish rapport. You can also greet and convey enthusiasm by smiling and waving confidently.

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Build & establish a rapport


Establishing a rapport with your future employer or employee is easily done in a direct interview. However, in a virtual interview, you have to make an extra effort. You can build rapport by discussing a neutral topic of conversation or anything that isn’t about the job or interview. Such discussions will give you a break from the usual questions. It may not be easy establish a connection with everyone. Yet, it is a vital part of the virtual interview.


Check your technology


Your virtual interview cannot happen unless your tech gadgets are software are in prime condition. Several things are a must-have for virtual interviews. They are:


  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Camera and microphone
  • Software programs like Zoom or Skype
  • Reliable internet connection


Don’t wait until the day of your interview to check your gadgets. Check everything at least a couple of days before and ensure they are in good working condition. Check the camera and microphone for picture and sound clarity. Use headphones to reduce echos and other background noise distractions.


Check your internet connection


Your internet connection is your lifeline for this interview. You may be well-prepared and well-dressed, but if you have an unreliable internet connection, you are done for. If your recruiter can’t hear you or if the video freezes, all your efforts will go down the drain. Hence, you should:

  • Ensure your internet connection is strong and glitch-free
  • Conduct speed tests to measure your bandwidth
  • Log-out of games and unnecessary programs
  • Uninstall apps that are slowing your computer
  • Get your device serviced to ensure it’s in prime condition
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Be authentic, not robotic


It is important to stay authentic whether you are answering or asking questions because it is easy to identify if you don’t sound genuine. If you are the interviewee, you should express yourself in a way that highlights your positive attributes. When you share your negatives, explain how you turned them into positives rather than giving robotic answers. Recruiters will scrutinize how you express yourself through your words and body language. Therefore, to perfect your answers, you can practice a few rounds with family and friends. This safe atmosphere will help you identify your follies, make corrections, and prepare you for the real deal.


Check your light source


It is only fair that you want to look your best in your video interview. The best way to do it is to ensure you have a good lighting source in front of you. Sit in front of a big window or an electric light and run a test call to check how the light illuminates your face. Never opt for a back-light. It will only throw a dark shadow on your face, which is not what you want in an interview.


Before We Bid Adieu


Virtual interviews for IT jobs South Carolina are here to stay as workplaces continue to evolve. If you are entering the job market, it is wise to prepare yourself to succeed in your virtual job interview. From getting dressed in your formals to sitting poised and perfect, every little aspect is important. Follow our tips to master the virtual interview and take one step closer to joining your chosen organization!


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