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Repos Energy to hire 300 employees by the end of FY 2021-22



The requirements are in the subdivisions of  technology, e-commerce, development, graphic designing, content creation, strategist, analysist, IT, and finance.


Repos Energy, the pioneers in the fuel distribution system, have begun their recruitment drive with an aim to establish their mark in all 29 states and eventually go global in the coming time. Since its inception, Repos has its presence in 177 cities and five Union territories in India. In order to achieve this vision in terms of geographical expansion, Repos will be hiring a team of 6000+ team members in the next three- four years.


The organization is looking for appropriate candidates who are enthusiastic and passionate about their career upheaval with the willingness and potential to learn new skills, adaptability to change whenever required. They are looking for individuals who are extremely passionate about their jobs & most important – A never give up attitude.


Currently, the company is looking to fill 16 different subdivisions they are looking to recruit for: Technology, E-commerce, Development, Graphic Designing, Content Creation, Strategist, Analysist, IT, Finance, are only to name a few, – each of them requires a certain degree of specific credentials in order to hold a position.  They have an assessment centre with an evaluation matrix’s setup to ensure they hire the ‘right’ candidate – for instance, behaviour/aptitude, job specific skill/assignments/general application questions). A firm channel of communication and threshold for each of these segments is used. Repos Energy believes in staying connected, thus the candidate has to be updated after every process within the time span of 24 hours. The entire selection process is a 7–10-day duration.

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Commenting on the hiring trend since lockdown, Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Co-founder, Repos Energy says, “For us the hiring never stopped, even during the pandemic in fact it picked up at a massive pace since the first lockdown was imposed, where we have hired more than 100+ people in the past 7 months and got a better grip of the virtual interview process. We come under essential services and the hiring for the frontrunners of the industry grew almost 2X  (in team size) in the last one year. Our inhouse talent is a powerhouse of skills, knowledge, exuberant talent and expertise, they are versatile and adaptive hence to match their pace we seek for similar calibre or more in our candidates who would be joining us”.  


She further added: “When we precisely speak about the oil & gas and the energy industry overall, there are not many companies in this sector. It’s a niche market and thus, the job market is also niche. Repos is trying to bring a revolution in this sector by changing the energy distribution model. We are trying to make the penetration of this market easier by bringing fuel entrepreneurs in the picture. We are trying to make this market more general than niche. And thus, making the availability of this job market to a higher number of people. With the innovation that we are bringing in the energy distribution industry we ought to have different approaches to recruiting people. We give a platform that beats the conventions and requires a person to think and perform beyond the norm.”

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Repos Energy is heavily invested on the vision of building future leaders. The New Hire Training, aka NHT, is an exclusive training segment curated distinctively for their new joiners. Their Learning & Development training programmes are inclusive of induction training, on the job training, job specific training and other competency-based training. 


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