Does your organization have best practices
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Welcome to Amazing Workplaces, Amazing Workplaces is a first of its kind
Employer Branding Media Platform with a global reach and audience

The Amazing Workplaces platform was set up with the core purpose of enhancing, enriching and promoting the best practices of organizations on the concept of “The 9 key organizational pillars”.

We have spoken to 100’s of organizations and business & corporate leaders at various levels across the globe about the best practices in their organizations. These conversations have given birth to the concept of “The 9 key organizational pillars”, essential to create a unique and magnetic employer brand.


These pillars are Hiring & Retention, Culture, Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition, Internal Communication, Diversity Inclusion & Equity, Learning & Development, CSR & Employee Experience.

Every organization needs to build a strong foundation by strengthening their best practices under all of these pillars, to be able to create a strong and compelling Employer Brand.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create the most Amazing Workplaces across the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a cohort of Amazing Workplaces of all levels across the globe and
help them enhance, enrich and promote their Employer Brand to a global audience.