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6 international speakers predict that AI shall replace employees



At the international online conference WOWHR GLOBAL CONFERENCE, six HR experts from four countries discussed global changes in the approach to a new workspace, time, competencies, as well as requirements for employers and employees.


The speakers believe that the main global trend in development of the future of work will be the possibility of delegating part of routine duties to artificial intelligence and automating daily tasks. In their opinion, such changes in organization of workflow will not lead to replacement of personnel with machines, but make the working environment more comfortable.


The experts touched upon the most important questions about how AI and digitalization impacts the future of work and how to overcome non-functional and outdated ideas, organizational structures and outdated business formats.


The speakers believe the organizational structure itself, values and new norms of human interaction are subject to restructuring. The global problem is that we cannot pave the working path along the familiar paths that we inherited from the 20th century. The very structure of career changed in 2021. We began to study more, our career path became much more complicated, filled with advanced training and turns in related areas.


It is important to delegate all routine work to AI and free employees for a new job in the super team. The latter combines human skills and the work of machines, which ultimately leads to a multiple increase in productivity. A high-level professional no longer comes to work solely for the sake of money. It is necessary to create such workplaces where people would feel that they want to come here both for the sake of money, and for the sake of the team, the value of their own work, the joy of realization, the possibility of spiritual and social growth.

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The ideal workplace should now correspond with the goals and meanings of the candidate, with moral and internal ethics, be favorable, safe and reliable. And this will work much better in the long run than the well-mastered methods of “carrot and stick”.


More than 400 HR specialists, business owners and managers from 15 countries gathered at the conference webcast, including, in addition to Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Singapore, India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines.


Video recordings of speeches of all WOWHR GLOBAL CONFERENCE speakers can be obtained by sending a request to The next international online conference is scheduled for December 2021.


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