10 Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring a New Employee

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Hiring employees for your organization requires both time and money. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your new hires fit in with the synergy of your staff, always keep these ten things in mind when hiring a new employee.

How Gender Discrimination Affects Women in the Workplace

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Gender discrimination in the workplace has been one of the dreaded hurdles to success. While most women give in to the situation, others fight back to bring reforms. Sadly, the reforms still lack essence and structure. As a result of which, victims, especially women, continue to suffer.

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement

5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement-amazing-workplaces

Employee engagement turned out to be the only magic elixir that is both possible and, to some extent, quite cost-effective. Following employee engagement best practices isn’t as easy as slicing butter with a hot knife.

How To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview


Preparing strategically for any interview is the sole way out for success. Don’t let your thoughts get swayed away and concentrate on the basics. The bottom line is that interview process is a serious affair, take it seriously and prepare for the same.

Why Is Employer Branding So Important for Startups

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In the job market, startups are up against the big players with big pockets hence, startups have to be more creative when it comes to creating an employer brand and compelling job-seekers their way.

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI

Employee Engagement and Increased ROI-amazing-workplaces

Employee engagement power packs individual performance in an organization, but do companies with more engaged employees’ race ahead of those with a less-engaged workforce?

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Office Experience


Ensuring positive employee experience motivates your people to get their job done. Meanwhile, their productivity can also benefit your company. That’s because higher productivity means you are able to serve more clients, which can impact your bottom line.

5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that videos are becoming more and more popular. This is all because video content is engaging in ways that other types of content just can’t. If you’re looking for a way to improve employee engagement at your company or organization then you need to start using video!

Six Stages Of Learning Every L&D Pro Must Know

Learning and Development (L&D) is about facilitating non-stop learning and growth. This can be achieved by fostering a learner-friendly environment and conducting capability assessments.

Leadership Do’s and Don’ts

  Leadership is an important aspect for the growth of any business. A leader can either be a team leader or a business owner. In both scenarios, he is someone who has team members/employees look up to him, be it for motivation, an influence or a mentoring. Nevertheless, if a leader lacks the basic qualities […]

Why You Should Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

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Employee Appreciation Day is an unofficial holiday observed on the first Friday in March. As the name suggests, it is a day designated especially for companies to thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year.

Let’s Build Amazing Workplaces


Becoming an amazing workplace is imbibed deep into the DNA of the Company’s culture and is a message that every employee silently conveys and displays in his attitude and passion at the work place.