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Peter Federman rightly said, “paychecks can’t buy passion”


What is an amazing workplace?

An amazing workplace in today’s context is a workplace which exhibits an enthusiastic and positive work environment, where employees feel excited to come to work.


How do we create an amazing workplace?


Building an amazing workplace is not a single day phenomenon, it is more of an everlasting endeavour. It starts long before new employees join an organization and lasts well after. Becoming an amazing workplace is imbibed deep into the DNA of the Company’s culture and is a message that every employee silently conveys and displays in his attitude and passion at the work place.

Whether its about planning a family day for employees, or regularly measuring employee happiness (and adjusting accordingly), here are some key factors shared by experts that go a long way to create amazing workplaces


To create an amazing workplace, start with the hiring process:


Creating an amazing Workplace starts with the interview process. Whenever you are engaging with a potential new hire, you should carry out a number of checks. This is important to ensure that they bring a high level of passion for the company’s mission. This inturn helps individuals and businesses get more aligned, stay focused and ultimately succeed. You could possibly evaluate candidates in part by the amount of energy and zest they bring to the table.

Concentrate on building a team of employees who are passionate about helping people get better at their jobs, thereby sharing common denominators from the beginning.

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Provide creative ways for your team to work and play together:


Communication is one of the most critical components to a successful company. An open, straight-forward, proactive communication policy largely forms the basis of creating an Amazing Workplace culture. Organizations must encourage employees to offer big, crazy ideas and bring up issues and problems they’re facing. When management allows its people to offer constructive criticism, knowing that it’ll be taken in the best way possible, it eliminates fear and builds trust.


The key to an amazing workplace is to build an environment of trust:


The number one value in any Organization is trust. Employers who trust that people genuinely want to do their very best work foster trust in return. They know that if given full trust and autonomy, employees will organize their schedules and their teams to do what’s best for the company and the customers, . Hire great people, give them the tools they need to succeed and then empower them to do their best work together. To sum up, invest in amazing people, and cultivate them to stay.


Invest in employees’ career paths:


Focus on building teams with a variety of voices and experiences. Invest deeply in your employees and their career paths through internal education programs etc. Investing in employee development like this, helps growing teams to work better together. In turn, managers become more deliberate in developing their people and individuals do not hesitate in taking additional ownership over their success and career paths.

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Measure employee happiness and adjust accordingly:


Creating an Organization that is steady and successful is a result of multiple efforts. To start with, the founders must give maximum commitment to employee autonomy and transparency from the start. This is important to ensure that they create a workplace that matches up with the manner in which modern humans live and work.

Regular measurement of employee happiness is a necessity towards creating an Amazing Workplace. Furthermore, any discrepancies herein must be addressed timely with a concrete action plan.


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