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8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Office Experience

Raymond Chiu

Raymond Chiu

Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for Maid Sailors, a trusted NYC office cleaning service provider. Maid Sailors offers its customers unrivaled office cleaning services that can address even the toughest cleaning needs. Matched with affordable prices, Maid Sailors is your best partner in helping you turn your office into a work-friendly workplace.

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Employees are expected to be productive and get their job done. However, we need to keep in mind that the work environment can make or break their motivation.

That said, it is essential to always look for a way to improve your employees’ office experience. If you are clueless about where to start, we’ve rounded up eight areas you may start from.


Implement safe spaces

Working from home for more than a year undoubtedly affected the way employees think and feel. The pandemic somehow created this notion that nowhere is safe apart from the comfort of their home. Therefore, putting up safe spaces in the office should be a top priority.

Some suggestions include ensuring the desks are not too close to each other. Others include ensuring that the soap dispenser in the pantry or the toilets are always full.

This is to encourage proper handwashing and strategically placing sanitizers on high-traffic corners.


Make it clean and comfortable

People do not appreciate a messy house, and it goes the same for the workplace too.

Apart from looking presentable and professional, there are a lot of benefits a clean office provides. According to studies, a clutter-free workspace boosts productivity. That’s because it takes one thing off their plate.

One of the unfortunate things this pandemic brought to the people is anxiety. Constantly thinking you are at risk when you step out of your house eventually takes its toll on a person. Therefore, maintaining cleanliness in the office should be taken with high regard.

At Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Service NYC, we see to it that our clients consider the following:

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  • Proper lighting to make it more conducive to work
  • Regular maintenance of AC or heating units
  • Investing in ergonomic office furniture
  • Having the best work essentials you can afford


Have a people-centric company

Another thing that employers tend to overlook is the fact that an office is not just a place to work. Employees see it as their second home, and so should you.

Incorporate office pantries where your employees can relax in between meetings. After all, a pantry is where they can enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, and some small snacks.

These changes may be too much for employers like yourself, so do not cut the idea of asking for help if need be. Remember: You do not have to do all this on your own.


Offer flexibility

If you want the workplace to be people-centric, you should also be ready to offer flexibility.

Remember that employees have a life outside of work. So make sure that as long as they complete their tasks, management, in return, can offer flexibility with their schedules.

The younger your employees are, the more they do not appreciate micro-management. If they want to start their day early, let them be or work later perhaps. Give them enough space to make rational decisions regarding what is supposed to be wrong or right at work.

And since there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to corporate policies, you may choose to review it twice a year. That way, you can figure out what works best for your company, your employees, and your clients or customers.

This is also an excellent way to ensure that your policies can keep up with the times.

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Act on employee feedback

As you review the company policies, invite your key employees and let them participate in the decision-making process. In this way, you get to see both perspectives, yours from the management side and the employees’.

After all, it is the employees who see the company’s day-to-day operation from an eye level. So if there is any feedback or suggestions raised, make sure to consider them at least.


Invest in employee wellness

Since the pandemic happened, employees have taken their health as their top priority more than ever. And we do not just mean physical health here; it could be mental, social, or even spiritual wellness.

As an employer, investing in employees’ wellness is more of an asset than a liability. Consider this; if an employee is holistically healthy, absenteeism will be less. Which eventually generates more productive results.

Make your company stand from other businesses by including psychological support in your health benefits. Offer gym membership discounts to everyone or plan team buildings and company R&R from time to time.

You will see in no time that a bit of investment goes a long way.


Embrace diversity

There is a good reason why each individual is made unique from one another. If everyone had the same way of thinking, the same personalities, then life would be boring. Don’t you think?

Without healthy arguments, there will be no exchange of intelligent ideas. And next thing you know, you ran out of concepts on your next marketing meeting already.

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Be inclusive when creating a team because these people will give you a different perspective. Who knows? This can bring out the best in one another.

There is no wrong with having healthy competition in the office because it sparks motivation and ignites inspiration. Eventually, minimizing the risk of having your employees feel they are in a rut.



It is essential to create an open relationship with your employees where you listen and empathize with them if need be. A one-way communication type of relationship brings too much stress and anxiety to the receiving party.

If you want your employees to respect and care for the business you put up with so many sacrifices, then you should be ready to do the job too. Get down on their level and listen to them more, regardless of whether it is a compliment or a suggestion they will be giving.

Working in a peaceful environment means there is open communication between two parties. Moreover, both parties are receptive and understanding of it.


Final Thoughts

Ensuring positive employee experience motivates your people to get their job done. Meanwhile, their productivity can also benefit your company. That’s because higher productivity means you are able to serve more clients, which can impact your bottom line.

Remember that when you invest in your employees, it will heighten their sense of belongingness. In return, they will be loyal to your company and keep on producing results.

So let go of your inhibitions and do not be afraid to make some changes here and there, especially if that means ensuring your employees’ wellbeing.


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