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Authorize Interview : Caterina Kostoula, Hold Successful meetings through the 4 D’s Framework

Amazing Workplaces

Amazing Workplaces


Caterina Kostoula is an executive coach and founder of The Leaderpath, a leadership coaching company. She has worked as a Global Business Leader at Google where she was also a 5-star rated internal coach. Caterina is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and coaches for INSEAD and Hult Ashridge Business School. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and Thrive Global.

Caterina believes that meetings allow us to bring people together to inspire each other, solve problems and make a difference. Yet, we all spend too much time in dull, frustrating meetings where little is achieved and even less is followed up on afterwards.

Hence Caterina intelligently touches upon these issues in her book and outlines various strategies and techniques that she has personally derived from real-life situations especially ones that she encountered during her coaching sessions.


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