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We Empower People To Do Their Best Work : Vantage Circle

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  • Name of Company: Vantage Circle
  • HO Location: New Delhi, India
  • No. of Employees: 120+


About the Company

The foundation of Vantage Circle was set way back in 2011 by Co-Founders, Partha Neog and Anjan Pathak. Vantage Circle is a one-stop employee engagement platform designed to amplify engagement and transform the way people work, connect, and feel. Our suite of solutions, namely, Vantage Rewards, Vantage Perks, and Vantage Fit, and Vantage Pulse, have been designed to address the conscious need to enhance the productivity of a workforce by presenting a stellar employee experience.

Our comprehensive and cost-effective platform is designed to help organizations attract and retain their top talents. Our user base currently stands at a massive 1.8M+ employees from some of the top leading corporates like Infosys, Deloitte, WIPRO, Airtel, Bosch, Tata Communication, and many more.

A great place to work is defined by more than just good pay and benefits. It is also defined by its culture. And that, we believe, distinguishes our organization, Vantage Circle, from the rest: our consistent and unwavering commitment to ensuring that our company is a place where people are valued, where everyone feels empowered to do their best work, where they can say they played a key role in our success, and, last but not least, they are treated with respect and trust.

As we expand in the coming years, we will work hard to ensure that our employees receive the same support and benefits as top multinational corporations. However, we are still proud of having accomplished so many milestones in such a short period of time. Here are some of the key characteristics that we believe make Vantage Circle a great place to work:

Peer to peer recognition: Unlike commonly held notions, we believe appreciation extends well beyond the top-down approach. To fully promote a culture of appreciation, we have ensured that peer-to-peer recognition forms an integral part of our culture. Peer recognition ensures that we understand the value we bring to both the team and the organization.

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Service yearbook and anniversary celebration: A Service Yearbook is our way of showing our employees that we (and their peers) value the time and effort they have put into the company throughout the year(s). The Service Yearbook is a Vantage Rewards feature that allows peers to collect and share memories in a personalized online yearbook format before an employee’s work anniversary. This “secret gift” is only revealed during the work anniversary, where the person can see the significance of their role over the years of service.

Peer Appraisal: The performance reviews of each employee at Vantage Circle are not limited to only managers. We also consider the feedback of peers and colleagues who work with the employee. That is why we use a 360-degree approach in which everyone is evaluated on their performance by the people they have worked with, regardless of which team or role they are in.

Feedback Culture: Our feedback culture is not limited to performance evaluations. It is also an essential component of how we build transparency and value our employees’ opinions. We can conduct monthly engagement surveys more easily because we already have our own Pulse survey tool. These pulse surveys are quick and easy to administer, and the results are completely anonymous. Meanwhile, we receive a detailed analysis of our employees’ levels of satisfaction. It enables us to make better decisions and make necessary changes in order to provide a much better employee experience for our people.

Health and Wellbeing of the Employees: We have an in-house corporate wellness solution called Vantage Fit that allows us to meet our employees’ health and well-being needs without jeopardizing their safety in this age of social distancing. Vantage Fit has a robust app that is simple to use, smartwatch compatible, and supports multiple devices. This ease of access benefited our remote workforce, which worked from home for the majority of 2020 and relied on Vantage Fit to monitor their overall health.

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Open Door Policy: With our open-door policy, we ensure that every employee has the opportunity to connect with us one-on-one for any reason whatsoever. It has made our company culture much more personal and has kept us in-tuned with the needs of our employees.

Cross Functional Team Bonding: Rewarding and recognizing any team (even if it is cross-functional) that does an excellent job. We use Vantage Fit to host team-based fitness contests adds an element of anticipation and (healthy) competition. We celebrate our collective accomplishments with much-awaited team lunches. We frequently host game nights with fantastic prizes for the winners. Annual picnics are a tradition that all of our employees look forward to. We also have after-work jam sessions for all musically inclined employees.


About the best practices of the company

Workplace equity is our priority. Our workforce is diverse, and we hire people for who they are and what they can bring to the table. The road to keeping their uniqueness and innovative perspective alive is better communication. We do that by giving our employees the autonomy and transparency to express their views and opinions.

Some of our practices that set us apart from other companies are:

Appreciation Based Culture: Appreciation is the core value that defines our culture and helps us grow. Our people are our most valued assets. And we believe in telling them so—regularly, frequently, and on time.Gestures like giving a heartfelt shout-out to a colleague for staying back late to help, personalized thank-you notes, pats on the back, and fist bumps are a part of our daily routine. Along with such emotional and intangible forms of appreciation, we also have a robust monetary rewards policy.

We use the SOLI (Standard of Living Index) framework to make our rewards just and globally accessible. It helps in converting the monetary rewards to the currency of the country where our global workforce resides. At the same time, it ensures that the rewards are at par with the standard of living of that country. Workplace relationships are important to us, and we make sure to put genuine efforts to cherish them. We celebrate work anniversaries and employee loyalty by rewarding bonuses for the tenure they have worked with us.

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Reward and Recognition: Our rewards and recognition policy is based on authentic recognition during the flow of work. Recognition runs through every vein in our culture. It is not something we do as a part of a check-box activity. It is an integral part of who we are. A culture of recognition helps us retain employees and engage them better at work. Our employees feel motivated to work harder as rewards act as an incentive for them. Peer-to-peer recognition strengthens team bonds and work relationships. It also helps strengthen our brand value as a company that values employees’ contributions.

Inclusive Company Culture: We always encourage the respectful expression of ideas. We value diverse opinions and are always open to dialogue. Our pulse survey, open-door policy, and consensus-based planning poker reflect our commitment to freedom of speech.

Cross Functional Projects: We practice cross-functional collaboration to help employees get out of their comfort zones and get introduced to newer technologies. The benefit of having a culture of collaboration is that every company member is aware of each other’s job roles and can share unique and innovative ideas. Since we believe in helping our employees have the career growth they want, this practice of cross-functional collaboration helps them in upskilling and internal hiring.

Workshops: We believe workshops are a great way to enhance employee creativity and bring more innovations and ideas to the company. Our online workshops are our way to train them to build these skill sets over time. We make sure the workshops don’t interfere with their work schedule so that everyone can participate in the workshops.


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