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The Marriage of Technology and Design: Smart Desks for Modern Workspaces

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Smart desks are revolutionizing modern workspaces. These technologically advanced desks offer features like height adjustability, built-in charging, and IoT integration to enhance user experience, promote well-being, and increase efficiency. This article explores the rise of smart desks and their impact on the future of work.

How can you handle employee burnout?


Burnout can manifest in a variety of ways.  It can be accompanied by nervous ailments like a tick.  It could have flare-up as stomach pains or a backache, or an excruciating headache.  It can also be accompanied by the inability to concentrate, follow conversations, and explain one’s self.

What Is Work Life Balance And Ways To Achieve It


Numerous people today are busy earning a living that they have no time for life. However, various studies have shown that the most productive employees are balanced people with full and even lives – both at the workplace and out of it.

Building Empathetic and High Performing Organizations : Weekly Talk Series with Top Indian Leaders

  Weekly talk series with the first edition being Leadership Edition themed around ‘Empathy and High Performance’   Hyderabad, April 19th , 2021: YourDOST (, one of India’s largest emotional wellness platform, has introduced a new initiative called Wellness Changemakers: Leadership Edition. This is a weekly series of talks around the theme ‘Balancing Empathy and […]

Mental Health & The Remote Rotational Worker Symposium

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Focusing on the latest ground-breaking insights into the mental health of this unique workforce, the symposium is designed to help organisations make evidence-based adjustments and recommendations to protect and promote mental health in this type of working arrangement.

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