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Creative Synergies Group organizes Creative Premier League, placing employee well-being at the forefront



Bangalore, March 26, 2024: Creative Synergies Group, a global digital innovation solutions provider, held its new annual sporting initiative, the Creative Premier League. Focused on well-being and engagement, the brand organized cricket matches over three weekends for its employees in Bangalore at BK Cricket Grounds, on February 17th onwards until the beginning of March.


Drawing inspiration from fast-paced cricket tournaments celebrated worldwide, the Creative Premier League consisted of eight overs for the group stages, advancing to ten overs for the semi-finals and finals. The event witnessed participation from over 120 employees, including office aids. There were eight participating teams in the tournament.


“Employee wellness has always been a priority for us, and we have taken active measures to boost up our efforts, ensuring that it truly benefits the employees. With the Creative Premier League, we wanted to encourage the feeling of sportsmanship and camaraderie within the teams, helping them step out of their comfort zone and form genuine connections with one another,” said Sujendra GS, Vice President, Human Resources, Creative Synergies Group.


The league concluded with the H&I Warriors team being the champion, and the Classic Creators being a runner-up,. The employees’ family members and friends attended and supported their loved ones during the games, creating a welcoming environment.


The brand also hosted a friendly cricket match between the women employees, on the day of the finals, with six overs per team. Of the two teams, Red and Blue Warriors, the former emerged victorious.


While this event was exclusive to Bangalore, the Creative Synergies Group aims to organize other sporting and wellness events globally in US, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, UK and India.

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“India leads globally with the maximum number of cricket fans, making it an important part of our culture. The Creative Premier League saw widespread interest from our male employees, and while we conducted a friendly match for the women at Creative Synergies Group, they were more inclined to participate in badminton and other sports, as revealed during an internal survey. We are gearing up to organize these sporting events and more for all our employees,” added Sujendra.


In 2024, the Creative Synergies Group also plans to organize quarterly events such as walkathons, carrom competitions, table tennis championships, mental wellness sessions such as yoga, and talent-based competitions and awards. The brand also operates its initiatives based on employee feedback, ensuring their interests are considered.


Earlier in January, the Creative Synergies Group also launched its Safari program aimed at providing prospective candidates with an immersive multi-phase engagement experience, providing them with the opportunity to interact with teams and other employees to encourage collaboration before coming onboard.


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