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  • Name of Company: Google
  • Number of Employees: 139,995
  • HO Location: Mountain View, California, US
  • Industry: Technology – Internet-related


About the Company

Google as we know it today was founded in September 1998 by two Ph.D. students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It began as a Stanford University Ph.D. research effort to develop an unorthodox search engine in the early 1990s. Today, Google is not just the world’s most popular search engine but also offers services in the space of cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and online advertising.

Google’s attitude and choices have always been distinctive, whether it’s the company’s vibrant logos or its dancing doodles. As a firm, they’re dedicated to inventing products that enhance the quality of people’s lives while also offering new opportunities for its employees. So, it seems quite natural that Google’s workplace has a distinctive and forward-thinking atmosphere.

Company’s Culture

(Transparency, Flexibility, Trust, Growth, Innovation, Values)

Google has done things differently for as long as anybody can remember. The organization has established a culture of learning and knowledge sharing.

Employees in the organization believe that learning is a fundamental right and that teaching is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. In reality, the “Googler to Googler” peer-to-peer learning network accounts for 80 percent of Google’s training. Currently, nearly 6000 Googlers are part of the g2g teaching network. Members of this group provide their time to teach professional skills (such as public speaking and negotiation), mentor their peers, and generate educational tools.

YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos are just a few of the ground-breaking services provided by Google since its inception. At Google, these efforts are supported by a well-developed learning environment. However, the only constants at Google are innovation and progress. Employees who love to work for longer hours are hard to find, nowadays.

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Google has done an excellent job of providing its employees with a fun and creative work environment. This improves teamwork, increases employee productivity, and eliminates the need for drab meeting rooms, boring cubicles, or a formal corporate environment. Even Google headquarters has it all: a hair salon, a swimming pool, a nap pod, a video game, and complimentary lunch and dinner.

Employees may now estimate their prospective earnings and benefits of working thanks to a new Google application remotely. “We’ll transit for a weekly hybrid work schedule in which most Google users get the opportunity to divide their workspace – 3 days in the office and twodays wherever they can work best,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in an email to his employees.Working from home or in a more convenient location benefits flexible work schedules. Finally, a company is only as good as its personnel. Google is well aware of this.

Learning & Development

There are a few things that Googlers believe and know to be true when it comes to learning. Using the term “learning beliefs,” they explain how these realities influence how they develop and provide training to Googlers now and in the future. First and foremost, learning is a process, not an event. Motivation, practice, and feedback are necessary for success. Second, learning occurs in the context of daily life. When faced with a problem, Googlers are more likely to learn.

Google employees tell us that they learn on-the-job every day, not only in the classroom. For the third time, it’s all about you. Each person has their interests and motives when it comes to learning. Google wants its employees to understand how they learn and influence their own experiences.

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Finally, learning is a team effort. Employees at Google said they seek out one another for guidance, information, and assistance the most. Their goal is to provide learning opportunities and networking opportunities for Googlers actively. There are more courses given by Googlers engaging in its peer-to-peer learning network (also known as G2G) than by instructors from their own People Operations team.

Diversity Equity Inclusion

Google puts out significant effort to recruit the most qualified candidates, expecting to remain for an extended period. A diversity, equity, and inclusion training program for all of Google’s employees, from senior executives to front-line staff, has been designed to accomplish this.

The goal of the Equity Programs Team is to guarantee that all are treated equally in the recruitment and hiring process, as well as in evaluations of work performance, career opportunities, and employee retention. Although many of them work from home, the company’s Employee Resource Groups, Leadership Councils, and Diversity Councils contribute to a sense of belonging.

The impact of the activities on the communities, regions, and nations in which they operate and the demands of our industry as a whole must be considered. Google’s long-term cooperation with educational institutions, government, and non-profit organizations enables them to accomplish their goals more effectively.

Rewards &Recognition

It is common to employ a spot bonus program to recognize and reward exceptional one-time performance. As part of the program, any employee who worked on a project team can get a financial award or non-cash acknowledgment, such as a dinner for two. That’s exactly how Google uses its program; it is for identifying unusual activity.

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Peer and spot bonuses are meant to reward employees for going above-and-beyond their customary work.” a Google employee explains. In some cases, this may mean doing more work for the benefit of the team as a whole or solving a problem.”

Recognition Bonuses

As a business owner, you can reap the benefits of rewarding a group of employees. To accomplish this, Google uses the “no-name program.” It was created for CEOs to reward their employees for exceptional performance, ranging from team celebrations to team vacations.

Rewarding members of a group encourages a sense of unity among them. In the long run, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have your teams working together. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, “Google employees are extremely innovative, and innovation requires teamwork to develop new ideas. Collaboration within the firm is encouraged and encouraged via team-based incentives.”


Google’s mission is to empower the world with one-click answers. Google is a technology hub. This creative atmosphere ignites employees’ passion for technology. So, if you join this well-established company, you can change the world.

The company wants to help users with huge issues; thereby, Google users strive every day towards their singular goal to organize the world’s information and make it helpful to all.What sets Google apart from other tech giants is its vibrant company culture, ethics, and employee productivity.


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